Monday, March 30, 2015



I have a fascination for bite size food and I am super excited to share this cute looking WHOLEWHEAT MINI CHECKERBOARD FLATBREAD !!! 

Even picky eaters cannot resist this! Have it just like that or with sauce or vegetable!

Design inspiration: Ria Mary Mathew (


Whole wheat flour- 2 cups

Water for kneading.

Salt to taste.

Fenugreek leaves- small bunch.

Jeera powder- 1/4 tsp( optional)


1. Divide the flour equally in two bowls. In one, mix water,salt and knead into a soft dough. In another, puree the raw fenugreek leaves with little water. Use this paste to knead. You will not need extra water. 

2. Lightly dust your work place .Roll both colour doughs individually into large rectangles. Cut the corners and cut them into strips. Now do the weaving. If you are new to weaving ( lattice work) ,you can watch a youtube tutorial for the same. It is quite simple.

3. Using a cookie cutter or any small plate, cut them into can cut in any shape.

4. Heat a tawa( pan) . Brush Ghee( clarified butter) an toast the MINI CHECKERBOARD ROTIS.

5. I gobbled a few, before it was packed for the tiffin box. What a way to make kids eat healthy food! 

You can try with beetroot,carrot,potato,yellow pumpkin etc., 

You can prepare the dough before hand. Just cling wrap and refrigerate,even overnight.

This is a lovely party food too. You can bake it in the oven by brushing it with butter. It turns crisp. Just dip it in fresh fruit Salsa and enjoy!!!

You are sure to bring more smiles! 


With love,


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