Thursday, January 22, 2015

SABUDANA VADAS| Gluten Free Vegan Recipe | Navratri Special Recipe | Stepwise Pictures


I am so excited to share this recipe with you.....

I have been so scared to try out this vada since a small accident that happened to me many years ago. As you all know, frying can be really tricky and small carelessness can lead to accidents. In my case it happened during the SABUDANA VADA time. I guess, I rolled it the wrong way and my vadas had turned into bombs and started blasting  from the oil....leaving me petrified......

Since then, though it was my daughter's favourite snack, would always hesitate to try it....will soak the sabudana....develop cold feet and would end up making Khichdi.

Until this month, when I actually picked up courage to make the vadas...and BOOM! No bombs,only tasty vadas...actually made dozens of them!!!


Preparation time: 4 hours
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Yield : 15 to 20 small vadas

Ingredients:( If you are making for Navratra VRAT) 
For making Vadas on other days ,follow the ingredients given in the picture.

1 Cup Soaked and drained Sabudana/Tapioca pearls
1 large boiled and well mashed Potato
1/2 teaspoon Cumin powder
1 Green Chilli Finely chopped
Rock salt to taste


Chef Tips :

1. Soak the sabadana with only that much water that covers the sabudana...not more,not less.
2.Best is to soak it overnight and make the vadas in the morning,or you can shape the vadas and freeze it till the time you fry.
3. When you boil potato, use little water and mash it immediately after you boil. Let it not soak in the water for long.
4. Temperature is the key for frying and oil free Vadas.Don't be in a hurry to drop the vadas. Wait for the right temperature. Check by first trying to fry a small piece. If it comes up immediately after you drop , then it is the right temperature. Also reduce the flame to medium when frying. Also keep checking the temperature. This helps in giving vadas the right colour and uses up very little oil.
5. I have added 3 tsp of rava in the batter to make it a little crispier. Do not add if making for VRAT.This is optional.
6. You are now three steps away from this yummy snack.
7.I have added rock salt as this snack can be made during Navratras. You can add regular salt also.
8.If you are soaking the Sabudana for evening or night dinner, then soak them for 4 hours and drain them in a colander for atleast 1hour.

Sabudana Vadas are healthy Gluten free Snack and is made frequently during Navratras in North India. Hope you will try making them . Jai Mata Di!


With love,


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