Friday, November 14, 2014


I pack this sandwich for my kids tiffin regularly as it is filled with vegetables that kids fuss  to eat...but love to eat this sandwich as they wouldn't even realise the amount of vegetables and proteins this sandwich has. So are you ready SUPERMOMS!!!

The ingredients are lots of fresh vegetables and finely chopped paneer .
I have used 
1.finely chopped spring onions
2.grated carrot
3.finely chopped capsicum
4.finely chopped onions and tomatoes
5. I have used green chillies but you can alternatively use red chilli powder
6. Chat masala/kitchen king masala
7.salt to taste
8. Green chutney(with  capsicum)
9.Tomato ketchup
10. Butter

Now to the procedure:

STEP 1 :

Heat a large pan with oil. Once the mustard seeds splutter, add green chillies and onions. When onions turn pick add tomatoes. When tomatoes become mushy,add the other vegetables. Add turmeric(optional) and salt.


When the vegetables are half cooked, add paneer. The paneer will leave water.


Cook in high flame for 3 minutes for the water to be absorbed/evaporated quickly stirring the vegetables continuously. Add chaat masala or kitchen king masala whichever flavour your family enjoys.Add according to the quantity of vegetables.

Your stuffing for the sandwich is ready!!

Now take whichever bread you prefer as nowadays lots of healthier options are available like the oats bread, multigrain bread, wheat bread etc., Apply green chutney on one bread and tomato sauce on the other( optional). You can apply *green chutney on nothing sides too. 
*Green chutney recipe in my next post.


Preheat the toaster for 3 minutes .Grease the toaster with butter/olive oil. Also apply a little butter on the surface of both the sides of the sandwich. This gives a good colour to the sandwich and of course is very tasty.


Your grilled veg.sandwich is ready to be served hot or packed for your child's lunch !!


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