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100 Breakfast Recipes | Breakfast Recipes by Masterchefmom

Breakfast Recipes by Masterchefmom

Hi Supermoms,

Today is a special day for me and my blog. It was on this date, two years ago that I decided to start sharing my recipes with all of you. Your overwhelming response, motivation, encouragement has helped me share as well learn so many aspects of food, ingredients, recipes, techniques, photography and of course the way I present my dishes to you.  I thank each and every one from the bottom of my heart and request you to keep supporting me. 

It gives me immense joy to see my recipes being created in your kitchen with your own magic and the happiness and satisfaction that it gives you and  your family . Thanks for trying out my recipes. Thanks for letting me know by sharing the photographs.

I would like to specially thank my fellow passionate  foodie friends and  followers in Instagram, who have always been enthusiastic and openly appreciative of my food preparations .  My day is incomplete without checking my instagram

Food enjoyed together with family always tastes better. I believe that 'Food is love made visible' and my passion for food is because of them . Love you dear family.

As today is my Blog Anniversary, the recipe post is also special. 

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped. In fact , it is the best meal to indulge yourself without bothering much about the calories. It gives us the energy to carry on with our work. 

Here is a collection of 100+ breakfast recipes that will help you to have healthy breakfast every single day. Will be adding more recipes this year. 

2. Thavalai Dosai ( with Moringa leaves)
36. Bombay Style Masala Toast 
37. Bombay Sandwich
38. Bollywood Sandwich
39. Calcutta Style Toast
40. Green Chutney Sandwich
41. Tomato Cheese Sandwich
42. Spinach Corn Sandwich
43. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
44. Delhi Style Matar Kulcha /Matar Kulcha
45. Garlic Bread
46. Eggs Kejriwal 
47. Poori Masala / Tamilnadu Style Poori Masal
48. Bedmi Puri/ Bedmi Poori
49. Puri Aloo ( North Indian Style Potato Sabzi for Poori)
50.  Instant Ragi Dosai ( Karacha Dosai )
51. Chapathi 
52. Phulka
53. Rava Idli
54. Upma Kozhukkatai
55. Paruppu Sevai / Thanjavur Special Breakfast
56. Kombu Seedai ( Traditional South Indian pasta)
57. Ammani Kozhukattai
58. Paccharisi Idli ( Raw rice Idli)
59. Idli Sandwich
60. Adai ( Tamilnadu Style Adai Avial)
61. Kathi Roll 
62. Bihari Dal Pitha
63. Dabeli
64. Bread pakora Chaat ( Delhi Street Style Breakfast)
65. Batata Vada ( potato vada)
66. Vada Pav ( Masterchefmom version)
67. Kachori Sabzi ( Mathura Style Dal Kachori and Dubkiwale Aloo)
68. Chowmein ( Street Style Noodles)
69. Laccha Paratha
70. Amritsari Kulcha/Kulcha
71. Dalia Puliogare
72.Mooli paratha / Radish Paratha
73.Sabudana Paratha 
74. Instant Paniyaram ( Masterchefmom Original Recipe -Bulls Eye Paniyaram )
75.Banana Pancake 
76. Paneer Kulcha
77. Egg Roll
78. Rice Flour Adai /Nombu Adai
79. Gozleme 
80. Quick Chilli Cheese Toast
81. Bread Pakora
82. Spinach Corn Toast
83. French Toast 
84. Kuttu Dosa / Kuttu Dosai ( Buck wheat Flour Crepes)
85. Chow Chow Bath ( with Millets)
86. Thiruvadirai Kali 
87. Kuttu Roti ( Buck wheat flour flat bread)
88. Uttapam/Onion Uttapam
89. Rava Pongal
90. Adai Kunukku/Kunukku
91. Aloo paratha 
92. Rava Upma ( Tamilnadu Homestyle Rava Upma)
93. Chettinadu Kuzhi Paniyaram
94. Paper Roast Dosai
95. Oats Adai ( Oats Steamed Buns- Masterchefmom Original recipe)
96. Sprouts Salad
98. Breakfast Parfait
99. Lebanese Wrap
100. Delhi Toast ( Rusk with Chai)
101. Pav Bhaji ( Bombay Special Street Food, Home Style)
102. Chilli Cheese Toast ( Cheese Toast on Tawa)
103. Kaima Idli
104. Set Dosa
105. Kanchipuram Idli Recipe
106. Upma Pesarattu/MLA Pesarattu
107. Seyal Bread/ Seyal Dabal ( Sindhi Special Breakfast)
108. Rajasthani Style Plain Khichdi 
109. Moong Dal Cheela ( Instant Dosai Recipe)
110. Paneer Masala Dosai
111. vazhaipoo Vada Curry
112. Gobi Paratha/ Cauliflower Paratha
113. Sorghum Congee | Jolada Mudde | Jolada Kali
114. Jowar Bhakri | Cholam Adai 
115. Cauliflower Masala Dosai
116. Karacha Maavu Dosai ( Instant Rice and Urad dal dosai)
117. Mandakki Oggarane / Borugula Upma/ Arisi Pori Upma/ Murmura Upma 
118. Tam Brahm Style Arisi Upma Kozhukkatai 

Thank you again and Happy Cooking !

With love,



  1. Hai , Sairam. My Hearty congratulations along with Appa. Superb. Your sincere efforts, passon , heard work is the success behind this achvement. Very well-done.

  2. Incredible post. Wish you more and more success

  3. Hearty congratulations dear....What an awesome collection of breakfast ideas...Loved it..Btw, now I know that we almost started our journey of blogging around the same time...Wishing you many more milestones Uma....Thumbs up!!

    1. Thank you so much Padma. So happy to see you here. And 'Hi 5' to us .


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