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Lunch Box Recipes | Tiffin Box Recipes | 100 Lunch Box Recipes by Masterchefmom

Lunch Box Recipes

Hi Supermoms,

Packing a nutritious, healthy, delicious and attractive lunch box for office and school can be a stressful task .  There were days when I used to wonder how in my school days even a curd rice with  pickle would be relished by me.

I still remember the rasam rice and the potato poriyal my mom used to pack for tiffin and how yummy and heavenly that used to be. This also reminds me that there is nothing that can come close to meals/tiffin packed with love by mom. 

When it is bed time, the first thing that comes to every mother's mind is "What do I send for my child's tiffin tomorrow to school?" or 'What can I pack for my son/daughter  for his/her Office?'. 

It is quite upsetting for any mom to see her kid's tiffin/lunch box with the packed food untouched or half eaten. Here is a collection of innovative, interesting, healthy and creative ideas for lunch box. 

I am sure this is going to motivate you to enjoy cooking and packing home made food for your loved ones. 

Tiffin Box Recipes | 100 Lunch Box Recipes by Masterchefmom:

 2. Pizza Pies

 7. Cocktail Idli/Podi idli

 8. Bombay Style Noodle Dosai/ Noodle Dosa

 9. Godumai Idli ( fermented batter)/ Godumai idli

11. Tomato Cheese Sandwich

12. Spinach Corn Sandwich

13. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

14. Delhi Style Matar Kulcha /Matar Kulcha

15. Garlic Bread

16. Eggs Kejriwal 

17. Poori Masala / Tamilnadu Style Poori Masal

20. Apple Cinnamon Pan Pies ( Masterchefmom Special Recipe)

21.Samosa Rolls ( Masterchefmom Fusion Recipe)

22.Bulls eye Paniyaram ( Masterchefmom Fusion Recipe)

24.Domisal Roll ups (Masterchefmom Fusion Recipe)

25. Waffla (Masterchefmom Fusion Recipe)

29. Marinara Pasta ( Red pasta)

33.Mooli Paratha( Radish Paratha)

34.Aloo Paratha( Potato Paratha)

35. Gobi Paratha ( cauliflower paratha)

38. Pizza

41. Calzone

59. Spinach Burger  ( Spinach Shawarma Burger- Masterchefmom Special Recipe)

60. Bakery Style Paneer Kulcha 

62. Banana Pancakes with a surprise

66. Masala Flowers (Masterchefmom Fusion Creation)

72. Bread Pizza ( Pizza discs)

74. Lasagne (Gluten free)

75. Italian Fruit Crostini ( Fruit Toast)

76.Italian Ricotta Crostini ( Paneer Crostini/toast)

78. Gozleme ( with Beetroot and Potato Filling)

81. Cheench Toast ( Cheesy French Toast)

82. Savoury Cake ( with vegetables)

83. Chinese Bread Fingers ( Honey Chilli Bread Fingers)

84. Sabudana Vada ( Tapioca Pearl Vada)

86. Dosai Rolls ( Gluten Free Vegetable Roll/ Crepes Roll)

87. Vada Pav for Tiffin Box ( quick and easy recipe)

88. Chole Masala ( side dish for kulcha/ chapathi/roti)

89. Savoury Donut ( with oats, Steamed )( Masterchefmom Special recipe)

94. Puliodarai ( Puliodare/ spicy tamarind rice)

95. Nellikai Sadam ( Gooseberry rice)

96. Karuvepillai Sadam ( Curry leaves rice)

Happy Cooking !

With love,


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