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Dear Supermoms,

We all know the importance of adding superfoods in our everyday cooking. I have been sharing a lot of recipes using these superfoods over the years on my blog. I have compiled them here for your easy reference. 

          49. Pepper Jeera Podi ( Good to increase appetite, aids digestion)  

          50. Jeera Rasam ( aids digestion)

          51. Betel Leaves Podi (aids digestion)

          52. Betel Leaves Chutney 

         53. Herbal Rasam 

         54. Ginger Sorasum (detox drink)

         55. Ginger Thogayal ( North Arcot Style)   

         56. Ginger Rasam ( aids digestion)

         57. Andhra Style Ginger Chutney/Allam pachadi     

        58. Sweet Potato Masala Dosai 

        59. Sweet Potato Chips

        60. Sweet Potato Bread 

        61. Sweet Potato Halwa 

        62. Village Style Pepper Biryani 

        63. Pepper Kuzhambu 

        64. Pepper Adai ( No fermentation required) 

        65. Stuffed Cottage Cheese Bitter gourd 

        66. Palak Makai Rice 

        67. Thanjavur Style Palak Kadanchathu 

        68. Masiyal Kofta 

        69. Buckwheat Paratha and Paneer Petha  

        70. Black Eyed Peas Salad 

        71. Kerala Style Black Eyed Peas Kootu Curry 

        72. Black Eyed Peas and White Pumpkin Coconut Milk Curry/Olan 

       73. Black Eyed Peas Sweet Sundal 

       74. Kala Channa Sundal 

       75. Masala Sundal 

       76. Peanut Chutney 

       77. Peanut Podi 

       78. Peanut Sundal 

       79. Spinach Peanut Chutney 

       80. Sabudana Khichdi 

       81. Protein Dosai 

       82. Ash Gourd Rasavangi 

       83. Garlic Beans Stir fry 

       84. Sesame Seeds Rice 

       85. Sesame seeds laddoo 

       86. Halwa using Jaggery 

      87. Turkey Berry Kuzhambu 

      88. Turkey Berry Podi 

      89. Turkey Berry Raita  

      88. Curry Leaves Dal Podi 

     89. Dried Black Night Shade Seeds Kuzhambu   

     90. Appalam Kuzhambu 

     91. Kattu Sadam 

     92. Ragi Puttu

     93. Green Gram Sundal 

     94. Panagam/Healthy Jaggery Drink 

     95.Neem Flower Rice 

     96. Raw Mango  Pachadi

     97.Neem Flower Rasam

     98.Herbal Pulao 

     99. Claypot Kootu 

     100. Detox Rasam 

    101. Finger Millet Dal Dosai 

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