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It is mid week and as a loving and concerned MOM you must be thinking of healthy tiffin box options. 

Dal or Lentils are packed with protein. In this recipe, I am using Channa Dal to make the cutlets. Again, beetroot has so much goodness in it. But ,not every kid relishes this vegetable. 

I generally combine beetroot in cutlets and vadas as in this way, children cannot refuse eating as it is so yummy. 

You can always  be creative and give different shapes to the cutlet. Also, you can substitute beetroot to any other vegetable also. Spinach leaves are a great option. You can soak any other lentil to make this cutlet. 

Just remember to soak the lentil overnight so that in the morning you just need to grind everything and fry. This cutlet can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. 

I have made a thick batter by not adding water when I ground the lentil. In case your batter becomes watery, add rice powder/ ćornflour or Sattu powder(roasted gram flour) to make it thick. You can even add bread crumbs. 

You are three steps away from the tasty BEETROOT CUTLETS!!!

Easy, is'nt it? 

When I packed the tiffin box, I packed some home baked karachi biscuits and date bars. 

A wholesome tiffin!!!

Your little one is also happy and you are also happy!!!

Shall soon share the recipe of the biscuit and date bars!!


With love,


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