Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MARINARA SAUCE - A handy sauce!



It is sunday and a long week awaits me. As I am planning for the lunch box recipes for the coming week, thought it would be a good idea to prepare the MARINARA SAUCE(Italian sauce made up of tomatoes) that would help  me to plan for a lot of dishes.


It comes handy ....especially on the days you get up late and need to pack for the kids with just a few minutes to spare. You know how it is !!!!

I usually prepare this sauce (ofcourse with variations each week), in a large bottle. I prepare it with a kg of tomatoes.
I have previously posted the recipe of  another version of this PIZZA PASTA SAUCE

This is a different version with primarily tomatoes. 


 Here is the recipe tutorial for you! ( picture under night light)


As SUPERMOMS, it is necessary to prepare such sauces so that nothing stops you from giving your best! It saves a lot of time and you can remain stress free.


Had baked bread last night and prepared BRUSCHETTA with the MARINARA SAUCE,cheese and olives for lunch box today! 


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