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This recipe was innovated by me due to the oats packet that was unused for a long time. My kids are not very fond of oats...but still I bought the packet  with the confidence that I would come up with a savoury that would make my children like oats!!!!! 

Guess,I succeeded ! Curious??? 
A few pointers before I proceed to share the recipe. I would like to label this dish under a new category- Diet snack due to the low fat and high fibre content in this snack. 

It tasted awesome with Barbeque sauce, though my daughter liked it with chilli sauce too. I baked it in the conventional oven as well as steamed it in the steamer. Both tasted awesome!!!

The steamed version:

Here is the recipe for you!!! 

Instead of Self raising flour, you can use one cup of wheat flour with 1 tsp of baking powder and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Also you can add other nuts or fruits of your choice.You can also substitute wheat flour to ragi flour if you like the taste. Also you can add a tbsp of your family's favourite masala and bring a twist!!!


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