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On my mission to make vegetables attractive, the next vegetable that I have chosen is AUBERGINE!!!
This was a great starter that I served with Spagetti in red sauce.
Interesting ,is'nt it!


Aubergine sliced into circles,that is not too thin or too fat( use fresh aubergines!)

Olive oil 
Grated cheddar cheese( you can use mozarella too)
Pizza pasta sauce or enchilada sauce( you can use any sauce of your choice)
Some chopped vegetables.

Let us start preparing our canapes.

You bake it in the oven or use tawa. You can use microwave oven in grill mode too.

1. In a greased baking tray, arrange the aubergines and drizzle olive oil on them. I brushed them with Olive oil and in a preheated oven/ grill baked them for 8 minutes on one side. Tossed them on the other side and baked again for 7 minutes. 

2. You can poke a fork in the center of the aubergine to check whether they are done.

3. Apply your favourite sauce  on top like this( you can do it neatly!)

4. Now sprinkle cheese,veggies and some seasoning. I used  pizza hut oregano packets that were lying in my fridge. If ypu are using curd cheese or cream cheese, you need not bake it again. The canapes are ready to be served.

5. Since, I used cheddar cheese, baked again for a few minutes(5 approx.). I forgot to add the seasoning. Added them,just before serving. Tasted delicious. You can add finely chopped green chillies if you want it spicy. You can also add freshly ground pepper. The choices are plenty!

Lovely starter and healthy too!

So easy and quick to make! You can try this in tawa too. Infact, aubergines will be more crispy!!!
If your kid loves aubergine,then you can pack them for tiffin too. But,I suggest you use cream cheese in that case as mozzarella and cheddar tends to dry up when cold. 

Do try and share your experiences with me!!


With love,


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