Monday, February 23, 2015

HUNG CURD | SOUR CREAM | How to make hung curd at home | Easy Recipe


For a long time, I was under the impression that making any dish with HUNG CURD involved lot of work! Until I  plunged to make one....discovered the simple but exotic taste ! It opened doors for me to make so many awesome dips,fries,salads and more......





 The process is so simple and did not require a seperate blog,yet for the benefit of many MOMs like me, here is the process.


Curd ( store bought or freshly made at home)- 500 ml
Muslim cloth or a very thin white kitchen cloth

Lets start our HUNG CURD preparation

1. Place a muslin cloth inside a bowl like this.

2. Now pour the curd inside the cloth.

3. Tie the ends of the cloth and hang it in a place where the water can drip comfortably. I used a kitchen towel holder to hang my muslin bundle and placed it inside a tub for the water to drip.( hope you are not laughing at this pic....LOL my children can't stop laughing! ) who cares about looks....the end result matters...

4. Let it hang for 4 to 5 hours and you get this...

5. Thick hung curd. It is so tasty to eat just like that!

If you want it for making sour cream, you can hang it for lesser time!

I use it so regularly....




The options are so many SUPERMOMS!


With love,


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