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PHULKA(Fire Roasted Puffed Flat Breads) | How to make Phulkas at home | Tips and Tricks to make Phulkas | Stepwise Pictures


' Phulka' is an Indian flatbread prepared using unleavened dough. They are much thinner than the parathas or chapatti. They are very similar to the rotlis of Gujarat.

Though I would love to eat steaming hot idlis with sambar even on a cold winter night in Delhi ,"RICE ?at night?" My dear hubby would ask .

Are you  also thinking like me......standing in the kitchen for long hours, rolling out thin phulkas ...and incase  they don't puff up,  feel dissappointed..hmm.

Yes, skill is very much required to make these soft,thin, fluffy phulkas made from healthy wholewheat flour. Over the years, I have learnt that half our battle is won if the dough is kneaded in the right way with the right amount of water. A well hydrated and rested dough is the key to the easy rolling and puffing of the phulkas. Also, the rolling should be with gentle hands . Pressing the dough too much while rolling prevents the phulkas from puffing up.


For all those who are apprehensive to make these phulkas and are not used to rolling the dough into circles before , I am sharing an easy technique to dish out same size phulkas at a good speed. Just make sure to gently roll the edges of each cut circle so that they are not thick.

I am also sharing a video to roll the phulkas in the traditional way. Dust the dough adequately so that it is easy to roll.

Phulkas ( Fire Roasted Puffed Flat Breads ):

Preparation time: 35 minutes
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
Makes : 25 phulkas
1 Cup= 200 ml cup
Special Equipment/Vessel : Tawa, rolling pin ,working board, tongs


5 Cups Whole wheat flour 
2 Cups water (adjust)
1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)
 2 teaspoon Oil/ butter

Method :


In a large bowl, add the flour and salt and mix well. Then add the oil and mix well with your hands to get a grainy texture. This step is important as it will help in giving a good texture to your dough. Now add the water and knead well, binding all the flour. Adding more water in the beginning is always better. Because, if the dough becomes too sticky,you can add more flour and adjust,but adding less water will leave the dough dry and any amount of adding water later will not help.


While kneading the dough, stretch it ,fold,press and again stretch the dough. Repeat this action as it will help in the gluten formation and will help the PHULKAS to be super soft.Cover and rest the dough for a minimum of half an hour.

STEP 3: ( For the beginners)

I just love this step. Flour your work surface well. Rub your rolling pin with some flour too. Now roll out a BIG Circle/Square/rectangle. While doing so, do not put too much of pressure on the rolling pin. This dough is soft so, roll with a light hand...it will just expand like MAGIC!

Traditional method of rolling :


Just take a medium size plate, place it on the dough and using a pizza cutter, cut the circles and start stacking them ....ofcourse on the lightly floured surface.


Place a Roti tawa(large shallow pan) on the stove. As it is getting hot, make more rotis,so that you can quickly finish the entire batch.


When the tawa is hot, place the roti and wait for it lighly puff up. Then, turn and let the other side cook . This should take less time. 


You should have the browing like the picture above. Don't keep it for too long in the tawa. switch on your other burner and place the roti on the flame on high. You can also use a rack to place the roti.

 It will take just 3 seconds for the roti to puff up.

Stack these rotis on a wrapping towel or tissues and serve hot with any gravy or subzi of your choice.

You can spread some ghee/clarified butter on top before serving.

You can also freeze them upto 2 weeks!!!!!

I was in a dilemma,whether I need to post this recipe,as most of you can do this even in Sleep....but still wanted to share my way of making PHULKAS ....that reduces the cooking time dramatically!!!

See you soon....need to make dinner!

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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