Friday, February 20, 2015

TZATZIKI SAUCE | Greek sauce made easy | How to make Tzatziki Sauce



Only the name of this sauce is complicated. It is pronounced as (zat- zi- ki). This is a fabulous greek sauce. The simplicity of this sauce just thrilled me. Tried it instantly and it was so good! 

Refreshing taste! You would love to make this regularly! 



Recipe inspiration: Blissful Basil


Greek yogurt- (I used hung curd using half litre of curd)
Cucumber - 1 large( peeled)
Garlic pods-1 to 2
Lime juice-1 tbsp( adjust according to your palate)
Pepper- freshly ground
Salt to taste
Fresh mint leaves( optional)

My hung curd

Lets start preparing TZATZIKI SAUCE

1. In a food processor or mixer, grind cucumber,mint and garlic. Mix the whisked hung curd into this mixture. Sprinkle pepper.Add lime juice and salt.

Your sauce is ready! 

 Pour it into your squeezer bottle to use it as a sauce for your pita pockets or use it as a dip for snacks or rice .
Unbelievably simple, but very light and refreshing. 

Chef Tips:
1.You can avoid garlic if you do not like the raw taste.
2.If the cucumber mixture is too watery, you can strain it for 5 minutes to remove the excess water.
3.You can add herbs of your choice for flavouring.

I served it with Falafel and Salad. I also make it when I cook the Mexican Rice. Kids enjoyed it. I liked it equally. 


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