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White Sauce for Pasta | Bechamel Sauce | Creamy Pasta Sauce | EasyRecipe with Stepwise Pictures

Bechamel sauce for pasta


Whenever you visit a family restaurant in India, and you decide to have pasta, there are basically two options in front of you - 'White pasta' or 'Red pasta'. No, I'm serious, the white pasta refers to the 'Bechamel sauce/creamy pasta' and the 'Red pasta' refers to  the 'marinara ' or 'arabiatta'. 

The Classic Bechamel recipe has eggs in it. But I have omitted it.  Adding cheese , cream makes the sauce more rich, but the amount you want to add depends totally on your taste and diet preference.

Flour( All purpose flour) is used for thickning the sauce, but you can substitute the flour for corn flour, whole wheat flour or any other gluten free flour .

The white sauce can be used to make various dishes apart from pasta like the Spinach Corn  Toasties, Vegetable Au Gratin, just to name a few. 

White Sauce for pasta | Bechamel Sauce :

Preparation time : 2 minutes
Cooking time : 10 minutes
1 cup = 250 ml
Serves - 4


1 tablespoon All purpose flour
1 tablespoon butter ( you can use salted)
2 cups Milk
1 teaspoon Peppercorns - coarsely ground using mortar and pestle 
Cheddar cheese/ Mozzarella cheese ( adjust )
Salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon Oregano/Parsely ( fresh or dry , for garnish)
1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes ( optional)

Method :

 1. In a pan, heat butter and add the flour. 

2. Roast the flour lightly, without browning it.

3. Remove from flame. Using the backside of a spoon, press the flour to break any lumps and let it cool a bit.
4.Add 2 to 3 tablespoon of milk and make a smooth paste.

5.Now put the pan back on the stove and as the paste cooks over low flame, and add the remaining milk little by little. 

6.You will see the sauce, thickening. Add milk little by little till it becomes smooth and creamy. 
7. Add cheese,  salt, pepper, spice powders and switch off. 

Chef Tips : 
  • You can decide the thickness of the sauce based on the dish you are going to make. 
  • You can make this sauce a day earlier if you are going to send pasta/ toasties for lunch box or for party.
  • When making pasta, heat butter in a pan, saute' the veggies, add the sauce and when the sauce starts bubbling, add the boiled pasta.
  • When you are preparing the sauce earlier, avoid adding the cheese. 

It is so easy to make but is so delicious!!!! I also made SPAGHETTI TART using this recipe.

If you want to make 'Red pasta', here is the recipe for the sauce.

White sauce for pasta


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  1. I prefer pasta in White the creaminess of it than the tanginess of red sauce

  2. What a creamy and delicious pasta sauce!

  3. I am a big white sauce pasta fan..and this recipe of nice thick, creamy white sauce is just what I look for..Truly Delicious and yummy.


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