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My kids love bread and I try to be creative with bread recipes. 

 This is again a quick and delicious snack . A perfect one for tiffin box too. In case of sudden guests, you can make these roll ups and serve them with tea or coffee.

You can make your own spread/ chutney/ jam etc., 

Since I had prepared green chutney earlier, used the same for this recipe.

Recipe Inspiration: Weelicious


Sandwich bread of your choice( be careful while rolling the brown bread). I used white bread.

Amul tablebutter

Beetroot- cut into thin strips and parboiled. I used bell peppers, chopped basil,grated carrot  too. But  trust me, adding only beetroot got the best family feedback.

Salt and pepper

Let us start preparing our roll ups.

1. In your work counter, place the bread and using a rolling pin, roll the bread to make it thinner and pliable. 

2. Roll out all the bread slices.

3. Heat a tawa(skillet) .Butter both sides of the bread and lighly toast the bread. Do not overdo the toasting.

4. Apply a coat of green chutney . Then place the vegetables at one end and tightly roll.the green chutney will help the ends to stick.

5. Now place the roll ups in your prepared plate and serve it with tomato sauce or green chutney. 

They are soooo delicious! 

You can  pack them for tiffin box too. Just make sure that the chutney is'nt too liquidy. Jam/nutella will also taste great!

I am sure you are going to bring more smiles with this recipe! Just be creative SUPERMOMS!


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