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Rice Wraps from Vietnam | Gluten free recipe | How to make rice wraps | Stepwise pictures


For my kids, any cuisine other than traditional South Indian food can be exciting. So my experiments with other cuisines continues...This time,it is Vietnamese ! 
. I came across these delicate darlings in Jamie Oliver's foodtube and completely fell in love with it. Ofcourse due to our spice conditioning, I have fine tuned to suit the Indian Palate. Wow! Simple dish with complex flavours and light on the stomach too! 

The most important preparation in  Asian cuisine is cutting vegetables into thin strips. I personally feel  that it brings a whole world of difference!!!


RICE PAPERS( you will get this in any super market. They are also called spring roll wrap)

Vegetables- par boiled beetroot( not in this I had kept it in the microwave for 6 minutes to cook),spring onion, bell peppers( all colours), carrot. I skipped cabbage. You can add them if you like.

Soya sauce-1 tsp

Red chili sauce- 1 tsp

Green chilli sauce- 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Dry ginger powder

Boiled and mashed rice/ rice noodle( I used regular sona masoori rice)Shape the rice like ghis and sprinkle the dry ginger powder over them.

Cilantro leaves

Let us start our preparation.

1. Heat a pan with a tsp of olive oil. Add the vegetables,except spring onions. Add salt and saute'. Then add the green chilli sauce,red chilli sauce and soy sauce. mix well.

It will be a dry mixture like this.

3. In a wide pan, heat water and switch off. Now, place the rice paper inside the water for a minute( I have placed the paper on a plate )and  immediately place it on a clean dry cloth. This step can be tricky as the rice paper becomes very sticky. You will get it perfectly with practise.

Work with one rice paper at a time. Prepare your work counter.

4. Now in your work counter, let us start assembling. Place the veggies close to the largest part of the circle.First place cilantro leaves and spring onions.

5. Next,arrange the saute'd vegetables.

6. Place the rice and fold the sides. Fun, is'nt it?

7.Now, start rolling tightly . Seal the end with little water.

8. Start arranging the wraps, in your prepared plate.

9. Once your wraps are ready, serve them with Sczhewan sauce. Heavenly!!!!

You can use your creativity and play with the flavours! 

This is a superb appetiser for any party! It brings in a lot of variety! It is loaded with the goodness of vegetables and is gluten free! 

Whenever you are planning  fried rice or noodles, do try this low calorie appetiser! 

I loved the recipe, hope you liked it too!


With love,


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