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I am back with yet another interesting yet very simple recipe for you and your family. CROSTINIs are small pieces of toasted bread.  
Had made these quickly when my son was a bit hungry. The evening time snack can be challenging for MOMs as you are in the middle of some work and do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen. This snack is perfect for those times. Takes hardly five minutes to prepare. That easy!!!!!


Any bread - If you are using regular bread slices, cut them into four parts and lighly toast them with or without butter so that they are crunchy.
For the topping - cut cheese slices or cream cheese or any cheese spread
Veggies - your choice( I used bellpeppers and tomato)
Tomato sauce-chilli or plain
Seasoning( your favourite)

Let us prepare this CROSTINI

1. Cut the bread into smaller slices and toast them.

2. Now apply the cheese layer.

3. Then the sauce layer. You can use red chillinsauce, pizza sauce etc.,

4. Now add the veggies.

5. Sprinkle seasoning. I used dry basil. You can use your favourite seasoning.

A quick snack for everyone is ready!!!!

I know this is really really simple! But sometimes, simple dishes are so tasty !
This can be a great party starter too! So easy to prepare!

Do try and share your feedback with me!


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