Thursday, March 26, 2015

Egg Rolls | How to make Egg rolls| Stepwise Pictures


Today I am sharing an easy breakfast recipe. It is a healthy one too. As I do not take eggs, any simple egg recipe is so attractive to me. I am slowly befriending them. 

I learned to make omletttes from my husband. You might wonder what is so special about the egg roles...does'nt it resemble the omlette. The answer is 'No'as  there is a delicate way of making these colourful beauties!


EGGS- I used 2

Finely chopped bell peppers

Finely chopped parsley or cilantro

Salt to taste

Black pepper/ chilli flakes(adjust to taste)

Oil for greasing

1. Beat the eggs well. Now sieve the eggs. This is the main difference...yes,it does make a difference. Add salt and pepper.

2. Cut the vegetables.

3. Heat the Greased pan.

4. Now pour one ladle of egg mixture and move the pan with your hand to spread the batter evenly( you can see that I need more practise with egg),Sprinkle the veggies.

Cook only on one side.Transfer the egg crepe into a plate.

6.Roll the crepe tightly with the yellow side facing upwards. Using a pizza cutter cut then into 5 cm rolls.

7. Arrange them in a plate and serve hot with toast! It looked so gorgeous,delicate and soft!

I love cooking simple recipes !!! I am sure everyone does! 

This recipe is dedicated to all the SUPERMOMS who have started cooking egg exclusively for their children but are not eggitarians themselves! ( don't worry, your kitchen definetely does'nt smell of egg !!!)


With love,


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