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Sometimes when we are pressed for time and need to put food on the table in less than 10 minutes, we come up with a creative dish. Luckily,it turns out to be really good!
This simple salad plate was presented to my family in less than 10 minutes. Washing,Peeling and cutting the carrots took me five minutes. Dip in 2 minutes .Plating -2 minutes and searching for my phone to click this pic-1 minute.
I had made sour cream(hung curd) ,couple of days ago...had a garlic dip in mind,but somehow it skipped my mind. Had to dish out a dip in flat 2 minutes. So, this TWO INGREDIENT PICKLE MAYO recipe was born!!!!

My pictures are not great as I was in the middle of cooking ,but thought  that such recipes will come to your help when you do not have more than 5 minutes to get the dish on the dining table.

While your kids are munching on the Salad, you can get your dinner ready.

All you need to do is to pretend that it was not that EASY to make this!!!


SOUR CREAM- DILUTE IT with a little water so that it will be still thick but loose enough to be a dip. In case you do not have sour cream ready,then pour curd in a muslin cloth and squeeze as much water as you can.

PICKLE OF YOUR CHOICE- 1/2 tsp ( adjust taste according to the quantity of sour cream you are using).I used home made pickle.

1. In a vessel add the sour cream and water and whisk well to form a creamy can use low fat yoghurt/ greek yoghurt if you are calorie conscious.

2. Mix pickle and whisk again.

Your dip is ready. You can garnish with finely chopped Cilantro or mint leaves.

I have taken the liberty to call it MAYO due to it's silky texture. But this is a healthier option,considering the amount of oil that goes into the eggless mayo. If you do not have any pickle at home, just add Half tsp of Chilli sauce( chinese) and it will do the magic for you!

It tasted so good and was a true SAVIOUR ! I could cook dinner peacefully!

I am sure this recipe will come handy to you some day!!!


With love,


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