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As promised here is another quick snack for your loved ones that takes hardly any time to prepare . 

You can avoid standing in the kitchen for long hours...instead ,join the party or match fun!!!!

I call this a FUSION RECIPE....Mexican presented in desi style!
It is can add glamour to your regular dinner or lunch too!

Recipe Inspiration:  Meera Giridhar


Papad( I used Haldiram Sada Papad.You can use Lijjat too)
Onion and capsicum-  finely chopped
Tomatoes- deseeded and finely chopped.
Sprouts or boiled whole grains(I used canned baked beans)
Grated carrots( daughter did not like the addition of carrots)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Let us start preparing our Papad Taco.

1. I have added whole grains to increase the protein content. But you can skip it if you are in a hurry. You can use boiled corn instead. In a pan, I saute'd onions, capsicum some tomatoes along with little salt.Added the baked beans and red chilli sauce. Switched off and allowed it to cool. SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU ARE USING CORN.

2. Heat a tawa( flat pan) and when the pan is really hot place the Papad. Using a clean towel, gently press the top layer to see small bubbles. Turn the papad and repeat. It will hardly take a minute to make a papad. while the papad is hot, using the Roller, shape the papad like a taco. If the Papad breaks, it means you have over done it. The Papad will be flexible and bend and take the shape you give.

3. My Papad Tacos are ready. Now let us assemble it.

4. Add the corn/ beans then sprinkle onions,tomatoes,capsicum,green chillies(optional) and serve. You can arrange them in a plate and enjoy the match ...munching with your family!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed making these crispy,crunchy quick snack!

I am sure you are excited to try them too!


With love,


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