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A lazy sunday morning and I was in no mood to make breakfast. But at the same time, I could see that my dearies were feeling hungry. Lunch would definetely take atleast an hour's time for me . I did not want to make something heavy that would spoil our lunch!!

So came up with this quick ,easy, tasty and filling recipe, I can call this my very own!!!! It gave us all the energy to carry on with our work minus the 'hunger 'crankiness! 

A perfect shorteat/ breakfast/ can call it what ever you like!

Now, I feel that I can try this recipe with lots and lots of variations! It can be converted to a great Tiffin Box recipe too!


1. I had these pav buns at home, so used them up. You can use any bun.

2.Also, had some chopped spinach and yellow pumpkin in my fridge, so mixed the two,added some water and microwaved it for 7 minutes. They were soft. Drained the water, mashed them and added seasoning. my stuffing was ready.

3.butter-I used Smul's garlic butter
4.sauce of your choice ( i used spicy pasta sauce)

So, the filling can be made with any veggie available, raw or  boiled, of your choice!

Let us start preparing:

1. Using a cup cake corer or a simple kitchen knife, cut the bun on the top  like this,so that there is space for a good amount of filling.

2. Just apply melted butter on the top and sides and even inside the bun and toast it in the oven or on tawa for 5 to 7 minutes.

3. While it is toasting, let us prepare our filling. To the mashed spinach and pumpkin, I added chilli flakes, garlic powder ,onion powder and salt.
No picture for this step as I was in a hurry!

4. Now our toasted buns are ready! I applied a coat of pasta sauce inside the bun.

5. Now filled the bun with the prepared spinach mixture.

6. You will be surprised at the amount of filling  that goes into the buns! That's it... The buns are ready to be served!

Close the buns with its cap!

My filling had more moisture content as The vegetables I chose where such! But if you use potatoes/ onions etc, hou can definetly pack it for lunch box. Shall also try and keep you all updated!

Hope you enjoyed this quick snack, the way I did!

Do share your feedback too!


With love,


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