Monday, April 6, 2015



Yaay! It's summer and it's time for icecreams,juices,smoothies,milkshakes,chilled desserts and I can go on... 

I had lots of biscuits and some mango flavoured custard powder. Thought of a dessert combining both. Did not follow anybody's recipe for this,but just my heart! Wanted to make it rich and yummy! 

Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to relish this dessert! Heaven!


Custard powder-4 tbsp


Caramel syrup- 6 tbsp

Dry fruits- sliced

Nutella-3 tsp

Fresh cream- 200 ml

Milk-500 ml

Butter-2 tbsp


1. Prepare the custard. First add 3 tbsp of milk with 4 tbsp of custard powder to make a smooth paste. Boil the remaining milk. When the milk starts boiling,add the custard mixture little by little. Keep stirring continously for one minute and switch off the gas. Allow the custard to cool.

2. Powder the biscuit in your mixture. Add butter and mix well with your hands . 

3. Arrange your glasses or casserole.

4. Now first layer the biscuit.

5. Then comes the custard.

6. Now add the caramel syrup.

7. Top it with dry fruits.Refrigerate the prepared glasses/ casserole,while you prepare the nutella ganache.

8. Now comes the fun part. Heat the fresh cream. Bring it to boil by stirring continuously. Remove from heat and add the nutella,stirring continously. Your nutella ganache is ready. Let it come to room temperature.

9. Remove the glass/ casserole and pour the ganache. Refrigerate.Garnish with dryfruits/ chocolate/ mango slice/mint leaves and serve chilled. 

A lovely looking and yummy dessert. I would call it EASY AND TASTY!

You are sure to bring more smiles!


With love,


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