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Summers are the best time to have PARFAIT- a yoghurt based dessert filled with fruits! So its a blend of  taste and health.
 Filling too! 
Though you can have it allround the year,I personally prefer it during summers. You can made different varieties of parfaits. I made this parfait in 10 minutes  start to finish.  In Delhi ,you get fruit yoghurts in abundance during summers....making good use of it!

So made it for kids evening 'Snack craving' time! It was just super delicious.

Purists have to excuse me as I create my own versions of the Parfait with the ingredients easily available at home. I involved my daughter too in the making....absolute fun!!!

FRUIT YOGHURT- I used strawberry yoghurt - 500ml (just freeze the yoghurt for 20 minutes before you start making the parfait)


APPLE - 1 large cut into smaller pieces.

Grapes- you can use the variety available

Cornflakes/muesli/ granola- 100gms

Dry fruits of your choice - 50 gms 

Tall glasses for serving. 


1.In the tall glass, first layer with cornflakes,then top with dry fruits. I used raisins only, as I was customising for my children. 

2. Add fruits.Remove the yoghurt from freezer, whisk it well to form soft peaks. Top the fruits with yoghurt.

3.Repeat the layers in the same order and fill to the brim. 

4. Top it with fruits and serve chilled. I am already hungry!!!!

I am going to try PARFAITS in various flavours this summer. Do try Supermoms!!! Your family is going to relish it!


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