Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nutella Chill Pops


The icecream season is here and Popsicles have been my favourite  from childhood. I  prefer them over cup icecream.
It is the same for my children. I have been making fruit popsicles but want to start blogging with this easy chocolate popsicle recipe that I came across in the net. It just takes 5 minutes of preparation and three ingredients to make this yummilicious summer dessert.


Nutella -1/4 cup

Drinking chocolate- 1/8 cup

Sugar-2 tsp(optional)

Milk-1 cup

Crushed nuts( optional)


1. Heat milk in a pan or microwave for a minute. Add the drinking chocolate ,sugar(if you are adding ) and mix well. You can also add cocoa powder instead of drinking chocolate. But since Cocoa is little bitter, so add more sugar. 

2. Add the nutella and mix well. Let it cool and pour it in the popsicle moulds. Freeze for 3 to 4 hours.

3.Before you demould, show the moulds in running water for half a minute. And you can enjoy these yum popsicles! Is'nt it easy? Try it  and you will fall in love with it. 

Adjust sugar according to your family taste. I added crushed cashewnuts for added taste.



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