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Jhaal Muri ( Kolkata Street Food) | Jhal Muri | How to make Jhaal Muri at home | Quick and Easy Tea time Snack

Jhaal Muri

Hi Supermoms,

The puffed rice is known by various names.
 Muri in Bengali,Mandakki in kannada, Pori in Tamil, Mudhi in Odisha, Murmure in Hindi, Phulian in Punjabi,just to name a few. The puffed rice is a perfect ingredient to make a light snack. 

Bhelpuri from Mumbai and Jhaalmuri from Kolkata are the most popular Street food made with puffed rice.

I personally love snacking on the Pori. It is so easily available in any part of India. Every city has it's own  speciality dish with this versatile Pori/ Muri.

Presenting ,

Jhaal Muri, the most popular street food of Kolkata.


This is a simple snack to make. All you need to do is collect the ingredients and assemble them .   The beauty of this streetfood is that it can be had in any season. So light,tangy and refreshing. It does not require the different chutneys that is prepared for Bhelpuri.

In the streets of Kolkata, you can see the Jhaal Muri bhaiyyas serving this Chaat in newspaper cones. Each bhaiyya will have his own recipe and style of mixing the ingredients. This is my humble attempt to recreate this awesome Streetfood.

Here, take a packet of Jhaalmuri Supermoms !! 

Bengali Street Food


Jhaal Muri | Jal Muri :

Total time : 15 minutes



1.Muri- 1 packet ( 250 gms)

2.Sev or Mixture of your choice- 50 gms

3.Dressing sev to add texture.-30 gms

4.Roasted groundnuts -25 gms

 5,Half tsp of Mustard oil or a 1/2 tsp of mustard oil from any pickle( this is  an optional step)

6.Onions- finely chopped ( quantity is upto your liking)

7.Firm tomatoes- finely chopped. Using more tomatoes can make the muri soggy. So make sure to use the firmer ones.

8.Chillies- finely chopped ( according to taste)

9.Chaat masala- 1/2 to 1 tsp

10.Dried coconut pieces or you can use fresh ones too

11.Lemon juice- 1 tsp ( taste and add more if required)

12.Finely chopped Cilantro for garnish


1. First ,mix all the dry ingredients. 

2. Add the chopped vegetables except the cilantro and mix again.

3. Add the spicy mustard oil ( if you are using from the pickle)- optional

4.Now add the Chaat masala powder, lemon juice and cilantro leaves and mix again.


5.Serve them in paper cones. Garnish by sprinkling some dressing sev.

Enjoy the Jhaal Muri with tea or coffee or wash it down with some cool drinks. Perfect for any day!
You are sure to bring more smiles, Supermoms!

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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