Friday, May 15, 2015

Papdi Chaat- Street food of North India

Hi Supermoms,

I am so excited to share this Chaat recipe with you all.....the reason is simple is my favourite!!!!,

Whenever we order Chaat as a family, my choice has always been Papdi/Papri Chaàt.

The simplicity of this Chaat has enchanted me everytime I have it. The sweet yoghurt accentuates the taste further. Of all the places that I have had this Chaat, I particularly love papdi Chaat from Haldiram's


I observed the way this chaat is made and a small chat with the Chef helped me to compile this recope for you.


The Papdi is made of refined flour and salt. It is deep fried and can be stored for longer time. 
Like other Chaat, assembling is the key to the perfect taste of this Chaat.The papdis are first kept in a plate. They are topped with boiled potatoes that are marinated in chaat masala and lime. The sweetened yoghurt is generously poured on the potatoes. The final step is the drizzling of the green and red Chutney(sweet chutney). 

This is how they serve at Haldirams. There is no sev or garnish. Also, instead of potatoes, you can ask the bhaiyya in the counter to add sprouts.Simply delicious!


Let us start our Chaat preparation. I have assembled the papdis seperately just for the visual appeal. You can skip the sev and cilantro if you want to have it in the Haldiram Style.

 Ingredients ( I am not giving the quantity as it is upto you)

1. Papdi - You can make it at home or can buy from the store.
2. Green chutney
3. Saunth/ Sweet chutney
4. Boiled and cubed potatoes or boiled sprouts( I used green moong/husked green gram)
5. chaat masala powder
6. Lemon juice
7. Salt to taste.
8. Sweetened plain yoghurt( whisked well)



1. Keep all your ingredients ready


2. In the serving plate, first arrange the papdis.


3. Next layer with the boiled wholegrains. I added Chaat masala and a tsp of lemon juice to it.


4. Generously spoon the whiskled sweet yoghurt so that the potatoes or sprouts are fully covered.


5. Sprinkle the green chutney and finish with the red chutney. 


You can garnish with sev and cilantro if you like. You can now  enjoy this street food along with your evening Chai or any refreshing juice.



Add the lime juice and the Chaat masala to the boiled and cubed potatoes if you are using them. The same applies to the sprouts. 

Happy Cooking!!!

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