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Rava Upma Mix- make Upma in just 5 minutes.

Hi Supermoms,

As you all know, it is close to impossible to get my children eat Upma. I am sure it is the same with many of your children .

For those who have not heard this word before, Upma is popular South Indian breakfast recipe made out of Semolina/fluffed rice/ broken rice/ wheat etc., Among all varieties of Upma, the Rava or Semolina is the most preferred as it melts in the mouth and is just tooo tasty. 

A spoon of melted Gheè( clarified butter) poured on top of the Upma=Nirvana!!! Moreover, if the Upma is served in banana leaf( which is how it is traditionally served), then you will attain quicker Nirvana....

But the problem is, it has not been properly marketed to the next generation. The glow on their faces when they hear names like pizza,pasta,burger,french not  there when I tell them,"I'm making Upma today!" 

I want to change that!!!!!


So, I am in my continous effort to give the Upma a makeover. Over the past decade, I have tried so many recipes, variations,additions to the traditional Upma. 


I should thank Indigo Airlines, as they have helped in marketing the 8 minute Upma. My daughter loved the taste and what fascinated her the most was that it could be prepared like the Cup noodles.

So, this ignited a spark in my mind and I started experimenting to create a perfect fool proof recipe to make 'Cup Upma'. 

So, today I am going to share the recipe to make the Rava Upma Mix. 


You can store this mix in an airtight jar and make Cup Upma or Upma in a jar or five minute Upma( just like 2 minute maggi).. You will be surprised at the way your kids enjoy the Upma.

Moreover, if you are travelling ,yoy can carry this mix with you. Just add boiling water,stir, close and after 10 minutes, you can enjoy the steaming hot Rava Upma.

Is'nt it tempting to try?



1.Semolina( Rava)- 2 cups (400gms)
2.Clarified Butter( Ghee)-2 tbsp( adjust)
3.Bengal gram (Channa dal)- 1 tbsp
4.Urad dal( husked black gram) - 1 tbsp
5.Broken cashews-1 to 2 tbsp
6.Washed and dried curry leaves- 1/4 cup
7.Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
8.Green chillies- washed and pat dried - chopped into small pieces.
9.Sundried grated carrot and peas( optional)- I have tried it without them, and it tastes equally good!
10.Onion powder-1 tsp
11.Salt to taste
12.Your choice of masala powder- I used my home made Pakoda masala ( this is optional, but adding it gives an enhanced taste)- 1/2 tsp
13. Mustard seeds-3/4 tbsp


1. It is important to use a wide pan as it helps uniform browning of the rava and also helps in avoiding spillage.
Place the pan on a stove and heat the ghee,add the mustard seeds,Channa dal,Urad dal and when the mustard splutters,add the curry leaves and cashews.
2. Keep the gas in low flame and add turmeric powder,green chillies,onion powder and salt ( you can avoid using salt if you are going to use the mix at home. Add salt when you are boiling water, if you are going to carry it for travel, then add the salt)
3. Now, add the Rava and roast it nicely. You should feel the grainy non- sticky texture. It will be free flowing. 
This step might take little more time( around 10- 15 minutes in low flame).  Make sure not to blacken the Rava as it will affect the taste.
4.switch off and remove it from the gas stove . Let it cool completely.
5. Use a clean,dry jar and store this mixture. 
6. Whenever you want to make Upma, just boil water, add the mixture( 3:1 , water: mix ratio, will vary depending upon the quality of semolina you use) ,stir and your upma will be ready in flat 5 minutes. 

So convenient!!!


I wanted to take a good picture of the Rava Upma Mix,  but used it up as I had sudden guests. Shall post more pictures soon. I made another version with the carrots and peas and presented as "Indigo style Upma' . The jar version takes 10 minutes to get ready. Perfect when you are travelling , or handy, whensudden hunger strikes.This is what I did..

Put Rava Upma Mix in the jar...

Add boiling water. Close the lid...


Rava Upma ready!!!!


Do try and let me know how it turned out. 

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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