Friday, May 1, 2015

Spicy Watermelon Slush - No added sugar


Come Summer and the market is flooded with watermelons. Infact I was so fascinated to see yellow watermelons!!! 

Instead of drinking plain water all the time to quench our thirst it will be a good idea to prepare these quick fruit slush for our family that is both thirst quenching at the same time ,refreshing! Kids will love it too. 

As these are quick,easy recipes, I am keeping my write up crisp so that you can read the recipe, prepare the slush,refrigerate it and catch up on your afternoon simple as that!!


Watermelon-1 small ( you can half the recipe)
Chilli-1 green

Mint leaves- a small bunch 

Lemon juice- 1 tsp

Black salt- according to taste


1. Remove the rind and the seeds of the watermelon. 

2. Chop them into a food processor or your juicer. 

3. Add the lime juice , green chilli ,salt and run the mixer for a minute.

4. Your slush is ready. Add finely chopped mint,ice cubes and serve it immediately.

6. You can refrigerate and have it later too.


1.If you do not like the chopped mint, then you can add the juice of mint-2 tsp will be adequate. Your mortar and pestle can come handy. 

2. You can omit the green chilli if you like it sweet.

3. You can always add sugar for taste. But,mine is sugarfree.

Do try it SUPERMOMS!!!

I would love to hear from you :


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