Sunday, May 24, 2015

Virgin Sangria - Non- Alcoholic version

Hi Supermoms,

Now that I have a big bottle of cherry juice concentrate, was excited to try different mocktails with it. Presenting the Non- Alcoholic version of the Sangria.


  Sangria is a spanish drink made with red wine and cut fruits ( mainly citrus varieties). I used the cherries instead of wine. 


Made a pitcher of this mocktail. Soothing for this terrible summer heat.



Ingredients:( to make a tall glass of Virgin Sangria)

Cherry Juice concentrate - 2 tbsp

Kinnow juice- 1 tbsp
Lime juice-1 tbsp
Sweet lime juice- 1 tbsp
Sliced kinnow,lime,apple.
Ice cubes,cool water/ sparkling water


1. Cut your fruits.


2. Add few slices in a glass ( add or reduce,as much as you like..)


3. Mix the fruit juices and pour it over the fruits. Add ice cubes ,cool water ,serve and enjoy!


A mocktail with a difference. I did not add sugar as the cherry concentrate was sweet enough. If you like your drink to be more sweeter,you can add sugar or honey.

Stay cool and Happy Cooking!!!

With love,


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