Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watermelon Fruitsicle - the new way to eat fruits(SUGARFREE)


This year I have decided to make icecreams and ice lollies at home. As I had got a huge watermelon from the market, wanted to use everybit of it. So after the slush, it is now the time of FRUITSICLES!!!

Hardly takes 5 minutes to prepare. You just need to wait for the fruitsicles to set.

 And absolutely fabulous  looking and perfect to quench your thirst after you come back from the sun!!

Cold,refreshing and so fruity! And this time around, it become easy for mommies like us to get the kid eat his fruit. Ofcourse, we can give give them company as this is SUGARFREE !!!


Watermelon ( as much as you need)- remove the rind and roughly chop them.

Mint leaves- few(optional)


1. In a juicer, add the roughly cut watermelons  and mint. 

2. Extract the juice. You can add the fiber along. Optionally, you can filter and add only the juice into the moulds.

Either ways, it will taste awesome!

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