Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watermelon Shots( Non- Alcoholic)- THE 2 INGREDIENT JUICE


I am smitten by the colours of Summer... Red and Yellow. 
Before I start off with the Mango mania, I would like to present the most tasty Watermelon juice you would have ever had.
 Even my son who is not a fan of watermelon, loved this juice!
 And it takes just 2 ingredients to make it!

What a perfect way to welcome your guest ! They will not stop with one glass.

I just love this shot! It makes me crave for this juice! 


Watermelon juice ( filtered )- 250 ml

Sugar-1/4 cup( adjust if you like it more sweet)


1. Remove the rind of watermelon, cut it coarsel and juice it in the mixer.

2. Filter using a colander or any other large holed filter.

2. In a pan, pour the watermelon juice and add the sugar and over low heat let the sugar melt completely. In the pic below, the sugar needs to melt. I simmered it for 7 o 10 minutes .

3. Cool completely and then refrigerate. Pour them in Shot glass add ice cubes and you will so glad to see the guests or your children enjoying their drink. Super tasty.

Do try and let me know your family feedback. You can share through the comments section in the blog or mail me at

Would love to hear from you all!


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