Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CHUNDA - A raw mango pickle from Gujarat

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Have you heard about this famous Gujarati preserve ,Chunda?

It is a traditional Gujarati dish that is made from raw mangoes. They are preserved in this form so that it can be enjoyed throughout the year. The Chunda can be made Spicy or Sweet. I am going to share the spicy version today.


Chunda is a part of the Gujarati  breakfast. It tastes best with Theplas. But it can be equally relished with Roti,Paratha or Dosas.


The sugar in the recipe greatly depends on the variety of raw mango and it's sourness. If the mangoes are grated,then it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare the Chunda.


Recipe inspiration from here.


1.Grated raw mango - 2 numbers ( I used the smaller variety around 100 ml ( half cup)of grated mango)
2. Sugar - 100 gms( adjust according to sourness)
3. Cumin powder-1 tsp
4. Chilli powder-1 tbsp
5. Salt-1/4 tsp.


1. Mix sugar,grated mango,salt in a bowl.

2. Mix well and let is soak for 15 minutes so that the sugar melts completely.

3.In a heavy bottom pan, add the mixture and let it come to a boil. Switch off.

4 . Once it is warm, add the cumin powder and chilli powder. mix well.

5. Store the Chunda in a clean,dry jar. You can store it in a cool, dark place or refrigerate and use as and when.

6. It keeps for upto a year.


1. Do not over boil the mixture. It will crystallize the next day. It happened to me. All you need to do is add  Half cup of grated mango and mix well if such problem occurs.

2. Storing the preserve in a right jar, that is completely dry is most important.

3. Taste the sourness and decide on the sugar quantity.


Make your own fruit preserves. It is so healthy and fun too!


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