Monday, June 1, 2015

Cooking Tip#15 - Whisking the curd

Cooking Tip #15

Whisking the curd:


Oh! I definetely need to share the difference in the texture of curd that I get after whisking it with a wire whisk. Many years ago, I used to whisk with a spoon or a ladle. But,let me tell you,it makes a world of difference when a wire whisk is used to whisk the curd.

Whether you are making a simple buttermilk ,raita ,dip or adding it to a gravy or Chaat, just whisk curd well with the wire whisk.

If you do not have one in your pantry, then it is a good time to buy NOW!!


I hope this tip is useful to you all.

Happy Cooking!!!

With love,


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