Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hi Supermoms,

The extreme weather in Delhi is keeping me away from baking. But, I got tempted to try these Gluten free cookies posted by my bake along group. My efforts to add the finger millets to our diet continues and I thought this recipe might just be the one.

And I was right! The cookies vanished within minutes of my baking....infact I was sceptical about the taste after seeing cracks on the cookies. But,the taste was awesome.  It had the right  amount of crunch on the outside and the chewy texture inside! 

So ,why care about looks?


The cracks on the cookies were because, I had omitted cornflour and make it a complete finger millet cookie. A teaspoon of cornflour will definetly give you smooth looks, if that is demotivating you to try this. 


The original recipe by Priya Suresh from fondbites called for eggs . But, this recipe of mine is eggless. 
The preparation time is just 15 minutes!!!! I am going to bake a bigger batch today as I am so charged up with it's taste!


When it is so healthy and tasty ,why wait ?


Ingredients:( you can double the recipe)

1. Roasted Ragi powder / Finger millet powder-  1/3 cup
2.Cashews-14 numbers. ( roughly chopped or powdered)
3.Honey- 1 tsp
4. Sugar- 1 tsp
5.Prunes- 6 Numbers cut into smaller pieces.
6.Baking powder- 1/4 tsp
7.Baking Soda- a pinch
8.Cardamom powder- 1/8 tsp
9.curd- 2 tsp( adjust )
10.Clarified butter/Ghee- 1 tbsp ( you can use  unsalted butter instead)
11. Cornflour-1 tsp.


1. Dry roast the finger millets so that it loses it's raw taste. You can smell the aroma. Do not overdo it.


2. Add the baking powder,baking soda,(cornflour), salt and mix with a fork. Chop the prunes and add it to the mixture. Add cashews,ghee,sugar and honey and mix again to form a dough. Add curd/yoghurt as you as making the dough. 


3.Make a smooth dough with minimum cracks. The cookies turn out nice and crisp even if the dough is loose. No refrigeration required unless your dough is too loo


5.Line a baking tray  with butter paper. You can roll out the dough into a rectangle of  approx. 1cm thickness and use a cookie cutter to cut it into the shapes of your choice. I used a fork to make an impression. You can even top each cookie with prune chops or cashewnuts.


6. Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Bake the cookies in the middle rack at 180 degrees for 7 minutes. Remove, flip the cookies on the back and bake again for another 8 minutes. You can see the sides of the cookies browning. Remove and cool in the rack .


Go ahead and enjoy these guilt free healthy cookies along with your family. You can make a batch every week with different flavours and dry fruits added to it. Do share your creations with me!


1.Roasting the finger Millet powder is the key to the taste of the cookies. You can dry roast the powder before hand and store it in an airtight jar. This saves a lot of time.

2. If you like eggs, add one beaten egg instead of the curd in the recipe.
3.The baking time varies between ovens, so after 5 minutes of baking each side, have a watchful eye over the cookies.


Happy Baking!

With love,


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