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Kanda Bhaji | How to make Kanda Bhaji | Bombay Street Style OnionFritters | Indian Street Food | Stepwise Pictures

kanda bhaji

Hi Supermoms,

My mouth is watering as I am writing, editing this famous Street food of Mumbai. 

Kanda Bhaji /Bhajia/ Bhajji are fried Onîon fritters that are so crunchy,yummy and would elevate you to a different level when have it with a hot cup of Chai or Coffee. 

Every place has it's own unique way of making these fritters. Today, I am going to share with you the way of making these fritters in the Bombay Street Style!!!!
Green Chutney and Garlic powder are served as accompaniments. I served it with hot and spicy tomato sauce as no one at home was ready to wait for the Chutney!!!! It was that tasty!



 The beauty of this Street food is it's simplicity!!!!


Preparation time : 5-7 minutes
Cooking time : 15 minutes
Serves -4 
1 cup = 250 ml                   


1. Onions-2 large- sliced into thin long pieces.


2. Besan/ Gram Flour - 1/2 cup
3. Rice flour -2 tbsp
4.Red Chilli powder- 3/4 tsp( adjust according to your spice palate)
5.Coriander powder-1/2 tsp
6.Carom seeds-1/4 tsp
7.Salt to taste
8.Oil for frying



1.Mix all the dry ingredients . Add water little by little to make a loose slushy paste. Do not add too much of water as Onions contain water already.


2. Add onions to this mixture.


3. Heat Oil in a wok/Kadai for frying. When the oil is hot, take small portions of the mixture and drop it in the oil for frying.


4. When the Bhajji turns golden brown on all sides, drain them from oil. Place them in a tissue for 2 minutes and serve hot with Chutney or Sauce.


Mouth'nt it? Do try these fritters and enjoy your tea time with your family. You can send these fritters in ypur kid's Snack box too! 



1. Cut the onions in the way show by me as this is the most important variation in this dish. 

2. The right  temperature of oil for frying the Bhaji can be found by dropping a small piece of the bhaji mix. If you hear a sizzling noise and the fritters come to the surface instantly, then the oil is ready for frying.

3. You can fry some green chillies and serve it along with the fritters in the STREET style fashion.


With love,


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