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Mixed Vegetable Raita | Side Dish for Pulav/Biryani | How to make Mixed Vegetable Raita at home | Stepwise Pictures

Vegetable Raita

Hi Supermoms,

This is a raita that I make very frequently. Freshly cut onions, tomatoes are mixed along with yoghurt and mildly spiced and flavoured with cilantro and green chillies .  It is so tasty and is a great accompaniment to Pulav and Biryanis.The Raita is refreshing and perfectly compliments all rice dishes.

Another quick, simple and delectable recipe coming your way!!!

Mixed Vegetable Raita | Mildly Spicy Yoghurt Dip with fresh Seasonal Vegetables :                  

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 2 -3 minutes
Serves : 4  
1 cup = 250 ml               


1 cup thick curd/yoghurt
1 large onion ( finely chopped)
1 large tomatoes(deseeded- finely chopped)
1/2 cucumber ( optional )
1 green chilli ( finely chopped)
small bunch of cilantro ( finely chopped)
salt to taste

For tempering ( optional):

1 teaspoon oil
1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds

 I always chop the cilantro along with the onions as this brings a different dimension to the raita. Adding it later on has a different taste.If you are using a vegetable chopper /food processor, add the cilantro along with the onions. 


1. Chop the vegetables ( along with chillies).


2. Whisk the curd to make it smooth and lump free. Adjust water .

Tip: Adjust water levels after you add the vegetables, as onions and cucumber leave water.

3. Add the vegetables to the yoghurt. 
4. Now add  salt.
5. Heat oil and temper with mustard seeds.

 Mix it into the raita and serve along with Vegetable rice/ fried rice / jeera rice or Tawa Pulav.

Mixed Vegetable Raita | Side Dish for Pulav/Biryani

An anytime Raita !

Happy Cooking!!!

With love,


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