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Chennai Street Style Onion Pakoda | How to make Chennai Street StyleOnion Pakoda | Stepwise Pictures| Quick and Easy Recipe | Special Tips for foolproof crispy Pakora

Onion Pakora/Onion Pakoda

Hi Supermoms,

Those of you who are following me on Instagram will know that the main reason for me to make these fritters were the ' Rains' in Delhi. 

But why these Pakoras? Simply because this is my Hubby's favourite . Each place has it's own style of making Onion Pakora and I have already shared the Mumbai Style.

My interaction with the Pakora Anna in Munirka market helped me perfect this Street Style Snack.

So glad to share the recipe with you all.


Took candid shots for this recipe. No time for photoshoots as this is such a yummy snack that one can't wait to eat. You will understand what I am saying if you make these fritters.


Chennai Street Style Onion Pakora | Onion Fritters made in Chennai Street Style:

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 20 minutes 
Serves : 4
Cup = 250 ml

Ingredients :
1. Onions - 2 ( thinly sliced length wise )
2.Curry leaves -10
3.Gram Flour / Besan - 1/3 cup
4. Rice Flour - 2 tbsp
5. Hot oil -1 tsp
6. Hing - a pinch
7. Red Chilli powder -1 tsp
8. Coriander powder -1/2 tsp
9. Salt to taste
10. Water -4 tsps 
11. Oil for deep frying.
12. Turmeric -1/4 tsp


1. Take a large plate to mix all the ingredients. Do not add more water than the quantity mentioned. Add a tsp of hot oil. The ingredients has to be just mixed. 


2. Once mixed, they will look like this.  Heat oil in a wok.


3. Take a large amount of the batter in your hand and when the oil is hot, drop them in clusters . 


4. Fry them till golden on all sides. 


5. Drain them in a tissue paper and serve hot in a brown cover or newspaper, like the way it  is served in the Pakora stalls down south. 


If by any chance there is any left over ,store them in an airtight container. You can have it with curd rice.... It is a superb combination!!!

A snack that the entire family would love to munch. 

                           ONion Pakoda

Chef Tips :

1. Less water makes the pakoras very crispy. 
2. Make sure that the oil is hot by dropping a small piece in oil. If it instantly sizzles, then you are ready to fry them.
3. Do slice the onions really thin. This is the key to getting shop like pakoras. You can use slicer to make uniform slices.
4. Since the batter will stick to your hand, you will have to move your fingers to release them. Be careful as the oil might splash. 
5. Allow the pakoras to brown for that extra crunch.

Happy Cooking !!!

With love,



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