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Hi Supermoms,

First of all, let me clarify that there is nothing  'Political' about this dish and Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is not involved here !!!!

'Eggs Kejriwal' is named after Mr.Devi Prasad Kejriwal who apparantly made this dish popular. There is a small story behind this name and I will tell you briefly. Mr. Kejriwal used to visit the Royal Willingdon Club,Tardeo ( South Bombay)often. His love for eggs made him order for an egg toast,which he liked with loads of butter ,cheese and chillies. This became popular among his friends in the club and slowly it entered the Menu of the club.


Over the years, the fame of this delicious recipe spread and is served in popular restos like the Theobroma and Jamjas ( both in Bombay)


Recently I spotted this dish in the menu of Sodabottleopenerwala here and curious enough wanted to try it out at home. A big thanks to Chef Saransh Goila for the recipe. It is worth the try...crispy,cheesy ,spicy and yummy!!!! Go ahead and try! Truly a 'Common Man's' dish.


Eggs Kejriwal/ Kejriwal Toast:

Serves: 2-4
Preparation time :10 minutes
Cooking time : 10 minutes

Ingredients :

1. Burger buns / Pav buns - 2
2.Cheese slices -4
3. Butter - 3 tbsps
4 . Onions(1) ,Tomatoes(1),Green chillies(2) - Finely Chopped. ( I chopped 2 long green chillies along with onions in the vegetable chopper)
5.Salt to taste
6. Black Pepper- for sprinkling
7. Eggs -4
8. Oil for greasing the pan -1 tsp


1. Chop the vegetables and assemble all the ingredients.



2. Heat a pan and grease it with oil. 


2. Crack the egg/ eggs if you are using a big pan.


3. Sprinkle  Onion- chillies - tomatoes,salt and pepper. Let it cook for a minute. Make sure to cook in low flame.


4. While  the eggs are getting ready,let us prepare the buns. Firstly,cut them into half like this.


5. Now spread the butter on each half.


6. Place a cheese slice on each of them.


7. Now place one  egg on each half like this.


A better view for you...


8. Now, in the same pan, add half tsp of butter.


9. Place the bun on the pan and close the lid for a minute for the cheese to melt. Alternately, you can bake the bun till the cheese melts. This will take 5 to 7 minutes in a preheated oven at 140 degrees. 


Once, the cheese melts, serve hot to your family and friends !!! They are going to love it!


1. Always make sure that the pan is hot before you break the egg.
2. In case the egg spreads while breaking,don't worry. You can fold or cut and serve it on the toast.
3. Use fresh eggs and buns for this recipe.


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  1. the name...quite confusing!!
    love to have this for my breakfast!!
    Very tempting presentation too!!

  2. thanks Puneet! do is tasty!


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