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Mango Cheese Cake | How to make Mango Cheese Cake | Eggless Recipe| NoBake Recipe


Hi Supermoms,

I have been postponing this recipe for a very long time !!!! So glad I made it this mango season.  Do try this Mango Cheese Cake before the end of this mango season. 

The recipe is dedicated to all the gorgeous Cheese Cakes that I have seen in the internet world and to the bakers who made them . I cannot name just one!!!! 

A simple and awesome cake !!!




Eggless Mango Cheese Cake : You will need a Springform pan for this recipe( It has a detachable base)

Serves : 8 to 10
Preparation time : 20 minutes
Setting time : 3 hours

Ingredients :
1. Digestive Biscuits - 25

1.Ripe fiberless Mangoes -2
2.Gelatin-1 tbsp
3. Fresh Cream - 200 ml
4. Cream Cheese -360 ml
5. Brown Sugar -1/2 cup -100ml(adjust sugar quantity depending upon the sweetness of mango)

1.Mango -2
2. Gelatin -2 tsp


1. Powder the biscuits and add honey one spoon at a time and incorporate it into the biscuit. It should be grainy. 



2. Transfer the biscuit mixture into the pan. Use light and uniform pressure to pack  the layer. Now refrigerate for 15 minutes or more. 


3. Peel the skin of mangoes for the mousse and puree them.


4. In parallel, add a tbsp of water in the gelatin and rest it for 5 minutes to bloom.


5. In a food processor/ Mixer add the cream cheese,full cream ,sugar and mango puree and make a smooth paste.


6. Heat the gelatin mixture in microwave for 30 seconds and mix well so that all crystals are dissolved. Add the gelatin to the mousse and mix well.


7.Remove the pan from the refrigerator and pour the mousse on top of the biscuit layer. Tap two times so that the mouse spreads uniformly. Refrigerate for an hour.


8. Puree the other two mangoes and bloom the gelatin. Place the puree on a stove and heat it over low flame for 2 minutes. Now add the well mixed gelatin and mix well. Switch off. Let the mixture cool.


9.Pour this jelly over the mousse layer and let it set in the refrigerator for another 2 hours.


Garnish with cut mango slices or cream or fresh is up to you !!!!

Your delicious Mango Cheese Cake is ready!


Happy Cooking!!!

With love,



  1. Wow, very tempting and nice cake, I love mangoes in any form.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments !!! I loved your blog. Need to try so many of your recipes... Do keep visiting!

  2. Beautiful clicks. This looks super delicious!

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  4. Thanks Rachana. love your blog too.


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