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Aromatique Menthe Penne Rigate | Aromatic Mint Pasta | How to makeMenthe Penne Rigate | Stepwise Pictures


Hi Supermoms,

My Kitchen Garden had given me a good bunch of Mint leaves and I wanted to put it to a good use. So glad that the Pasta that I made did full justice to the mint.

We love garlic in our pasta so you can smell the aroma when these two great flavours meet . Presenting the 'Aromatic Menthe Penne Rigate'. 

A recipe that every one should try. 


I baked some cheesy baguette to have along with the pasta and the dinner was so delightful. Subtle yet so flavourful.


Three basic ingredients and in 30 minutes, your pasta is ready on the the dinner table !


I used Del Monte Penne Rigate to make this dish.


Aromatic Menthe Penne Rigate | Aromatic Mint Pasta:

Preparation time :10 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves :2
Measurement : 1 cup =250ml
Vessel required : Medium sized heavy bottom pan

Ingredients :
1. Penne Rigate Pasta - 2 cups
2. Butter ( unsalted) - 3 tablespoon
3. Mint leaves -a bunch ( 30 to 40 leaves approx.)
4. Garlic  - 3 ( large )
5. Ripe Tomatoes -4 large
6. Chilli Flakes - 1 teaspoon 
7. Olive Oil - 1 teaspoon
8. Salt- to taste  
9. Apple Cidar Vinegar - 1 tsp


1. Add the pasta to boiling water and cook for approximately 9 to 11 minutes. Add 1/4 tsp of salt to the water. 


2. When the pasta is just cooked ' Al Dente ' drain the pasta in a colander and add the remaining olive oil and mix to coat the oil.


3. While boiling the pasta, you can also blanch the tomatoes ,remove seeds and chop them roughly.This saves you time. 


4. Process the butter and garlic in a mixer or mortar and pestle to make a paste.


5. Chop the mint leaves.


6. Place a heavy bottom pan on the gas stove. And over medium flame, add the garlic butter mixture.


7. Cook for half a minute and add the chopped mint leaves and saute' for just a minute.


8. Add tomatoes and vinegar and cook for another minute stirring continously. 


9. Add the Chilli flakes and salt to taste.


10. Add the cooked pasta, mix well and simmer in low flame for 5 minutes and switch off.


Garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve with toasted bread. Yum!


Chef Tips :

1. You can use Olive Oil if you have diet restrictions.
2. Use ripe tomatoes and fresh mint leaves.
3. Serve pasta hot. 
4. You can garnish with dry oregano and grated cheese .
5. Cook in medium flame.
6. Adding salt in Pasta helps prevent the pasta from overcooking and retain shape. So do not omit. 
7. Tossing the Pasta in olive oil helps to add flavour, contrary to the regular belief.

Happy Cooking !

With love,


This original recipe ' Aromatique  Menthe Penne Rigate ' is an entry to Del Monte's #Italian Escapades campaign.
Check out more interesting pasta varieties and sauces in their facebook page :

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