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DOMISAL Rollups | How to make Domisal Rollups | Glutenfree Healthy Recipe | Stepwise Pictures


Hi Supermoms,

Sometimes, thursdays can be a tiring day when the week really get's to you and you want to take a break !!! It was indeed a L...o...n..g day.....waiting for the weekend ! Having said that I tried to pep up myself cooking some Chocolatey desserts. 

Ok, coming to today's lunch box that I packed, it was not a planned one. Had made MISAL PAV Dinner yesterday which was quite delicious ...but had little leftover which I did not want to waste. 


I had a cup of raw sprouts left which I ground to make Dosa Batter. Protein rich, gluten free Crepes if you may want to call it that way! 

It was given a thumbsup by the younger one and so here is the recipe for you all , with love !


Domisal ROLL UPS :

Preparation time :15 minutes
Cooking time :15 minutes
Soaking time :8 hours +
Serves : 4
1 Cup = 250 ml

Ingredients :
For the filling :
1.Sprouted Whole  Green Gram - 1 cups 
2. Peeled cubed Potato -1 large
3.Cottage Cheese ( Paneer) -100 gms ( crumbled)
4. Tomato puree -150 ml ( I used ready to use , you can puree fresh tomatoes(2)
5. Onion ( thinly sliced) - 1

For the masala :
1. Cloves -2
2. Bayleaf -1
3.cinnamon-1 inch stick
4. Fennel seeds -1 tsp
5.Saunth/ Dry ginger powder -1/2 tsp
6. Red Chilli powder -1 tsp ( adjust according to taste)
7. Coriander powder -1/2 tsp
8. Green cardamom -2
9. Black pepper-4
10. Oil -1 tbsp
11. Salt to taste

For the Green Gram Crepes/Dosai :

1. Sprouted raw Green Gram/ green mung : 1 cup
2. Rice Flour -1/4 cup
3. Salt to taste
4. Clarified butter / Ghee to grease the tawa-1 to 2 tsp


1. Soak two cups of green mung in water overnight. You will see small sprouts the next day morning. You can keep it longer for extra long sprouts or can make this recipe immediately. If you are living in a cold place, then sprouting is going take longer time.


2. In a steamer, steam the sprouts and cubed potato for 10 minutes.


3. In a pan, heat oil and add the whole garam masalas. Then saute ' the onions till they become lightly brown. Stir in the tomato puree' and add all the spice powders. Mix well and let this mixture cook till the oil seperates on the sides. It will take 7 to 10 minutes. If you are using thick puree' then it will take lesser time.


4. Now add the steamed veggies and stir to blend.


5. After this step I added water to make Misal For Misal Pav . Then with the left over, I added crumbled paneer to make the gravy thick. Now, it is up to you to add panner or not.


6. Make crepes' / Dosa. The batter consistency is just the same as any other crepe/ dosa batter.


7. If packing for tiffin box, cool them in a rack even if it is for 2 minutes. This prevents sogging of the dosa. Place the filling in one end and roll.


8. Just leave half inch gap.


9. Add little filling to seal.


10. Cut them to make the roll ups and pack the tiffin box.


Healthy,tasty and a great fusion tiffin box recipe is done!!!

Chef Tips :

1. Never pack the tiffin very hot. It will make the crepes soggy. Try to crisp the crepes'.
2. Prepare the filling the previous night ( Plan a misal pav dinner !!!)

And...did I tell you I made some popcorn  too😊

Happy Cooking!

With love,



I am dreaming of making these Roll ups again with another interesting filling using a  'Wonderchef' tava. I would like to send this even for office lunch box and  am sending this original recipe as an entry to 'The Urban Spice Sweet September Giveaway' and hope to update you all with new recipes cooked in the  Wonderchef Cookware set.

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