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Green Chutney Tofu Sandwich | How to make Green Chutney Tofu Sandwich |Stepwise Pictures

Hi Supermoms,

A simple, quick and healthy sandwich that you can pack or serve in flat 10 minutes...may be less than that !

The bread provides the fibre, tofu the protein and Green Chutney the minerals and most importantly 'taste'!

You can make this a part of your everyday cooking menu and you will not even realise how often you pack these sandwiches for your office or kid's tiffin box.

Handful of ingredients and you are ready to go.

Basic Green Chutney Tofu Sandwich :

Preparation time :5 minutes
Cooking time : 5 minutes
Serves :2

Ingredients :
1. Brown Bread Slices - 8
2.Tofu -200 gms
3. Green chutney -1/2 cup ( 100 ml) 
4. Butter - 1 tbsp( room temperature)
5. Olive Oil -1 tsp( or lesser) to toss the tofu


1. In a pan, brush oil and cook the tofu so that it browns . This will take 2 minutes.


2. While the Tofu is getting pan roasted, cut the corners of the bread and lightly butter one side.


3. Toss and roast the tofu on the other side for 2 minutes and set it aside. Prepare your green chutney. 
For a quick green chutney process a very small bunch of cilantro leaves with one onion and two green chillies and a tsp. of lemon juice. Add salt. Your green chutney is ready. 


4. Spread the green Chutney on one side of the bread.


5. Place the tofu on top of the chutney and close with the other bread slice. 


6. Now you can make smaller sandwiches by slicing the bread so that it is easier for the children to hold and eat the sandwich. 


You can wrap the sandwich in butter paper and pack in the tiffin box or have along with your morning or evening tea/coffee.


Chef tips :

1. I am tossing the tofu in oil to remove the excess water so that the sandwich remains soft but not soggy by lunch time.
2. Do not add water in green chutney as it will make the sandwich soggy.
3. Coating the sandwich with butter is to keep the sandwich intact and of course  tasty.
4. I have used whole wheat bread, but you can use white bread also. If you are using multigrain bread, then I suggest you toast the bread with butter as the multigrain bread is much thinner and has more moisture than the wheat or white bread.


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