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Lemon Cake with Cream and Fruits | How to make Whole Wheat LemonCake|Stepwise Pictures | My Foodfix


Hi Supermoms,

To bake a lemon loaf has been in my bucket list for a very long time. As there are more 'citrus haters ' in my family,  I kept postponing this bake until I saw a picture of Starbucks Lemon loaf sent to me by a cousin. 
Oh My God!!! It looked just delicious. A simple tea cake with sugar glaze stole my heart.

I was excited to create my own version of a delicious yet healthy lemon  loaf.  


I wanted to tempt my family with a delicious looking cake...and guess what ? I succeeded. I omitted butter completely and used Olive Oil . I did not use refined sugar but  used Organic brown sugar. I also used Whole Wheat Sugar to increase the fibre content in the cake. 


When I started to bake this loaf, I did not plan to dress it up. I wanted to serve it as a warm cake during tea time.  Sometimes baking disasters do happen and some foodfixes help us out ! I had forgotten to grease the baking pan in overexcitement and you know what came by !!! The cake was super moist...but just broke during my frantic efforts to remove it from the pan!!!!

I was disappointed ...but for just a minute!!! I tasted the cake and it was simply delicious. Did not want to present a unappealing 'broken' cake. So, it was time for a FOODFIX!!! 

The 'intuition brain' in me started to work real fast....and this is what I did :

First ,I placed a long cling film inside the empty loaf pan, put the broken loaf on top of the film . Gently pressed to bind and cling wraped tightly.I refrigerated the loaf for a full day. 

It was worth the wait as I got a neat loaf ...look at it !!!


2. I did not want any trace of cracks to be seen (told you earlier that I wanted to tempt my family with an attractive ' Lemon Cake' for the other wise Chocolate Loving bunch! ).........
 So, covered up the cake with butter cream and seasonal fruits!!!!!!!


The cake was just too delicious and I was in double joy as I had baked a yummilicious cake and also fixed the flaw ! After the cream and fruit frosting I freezed the cake just for a few minutes before slicing . And to my delight ,the cake slices were firm and did not break at all. Sent Cake love to my daughter's friends too! 


Lemon Cake with Cream and Fruits :

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Baking time :25 minutes
Serves :4 to 6
Kitchen Equipments Required : A whisk and Spatula
Measurements : 1 cup = 250ml

Ingredients :

1. Whole Wheat Flour - 1 Cup
2. Organic Brown Sugar -1 Cup
3. Olive Oil -1/2 cup
4. Egg -1 
5. Vanilla Extract -1 teaspoon
6. Lemon juice -2 tablespoon
7. Lemon rind -1/2 teaspoon
8. Baking powder -1 teaspoon
9. Milk -1 tbsp ( plus extra if required)

Method :

1. Get all your ingredients ready. GREASE YOUR LOAF PAN.


2. Mix the dry ingredients together with a fork. In a bowl, add sugar, oil and one whisked egg. Mix well using a whisk. Add the dry ingredients to this bowl.


3. Using a spatula, fold the batter to mix. Do not over mix. The batter  will be thick and sticky.


4. Add the Vanilla essence, lemon juice , lemon rind and fold again.


5. Add little milk if the batter is too thick.


6. Transfer the batter to a loaf pan and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C in the middle rack for 25 minutes or till the time a toothpick inserted in the middle of the loaf comes out clean. 


7. Cool the cake in a rack for 10 minutes and you can slice and enjoy the cake with your coffee or tea. A perfect after dinner dessert too! Frosting is optional as the cake is so delicious on it's own. You can give it a simple sugar glaze and the cake is ready  to be served!!!

"Cooking is love made visible" true !!! And that is all that matters!


Just don't forget to grease the pan or rather forget and have FUN !!!!!!


Chef Tips:

1. If you want to omit eggs, you can  add 1/4 cup of thick whisked yoghurt or Flaxegg. 
2. You can bake in any pan , infact if you are sending these to school,then baking in muffin pans is a better option.
3. You can add chocolate chips to the batter to give your loved one that little surprise.
4. You can add butter instead of Olive Oil for that creamy texture.
5. If you have an electric beater, then beat the butter to get a fluffy texture before you add the sugar. 
6. You can try this recipe with other citus fruits as well.
7. Do not overbeat as the cake might sink in.

Happy Cooking !!!

With love,

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