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Milagai Podi | Spicy Idli Chutney Powder | How to make Milagai Podi |Glutenfree Vegan Recipe


Hi Supermoms,

Today I am sharing the most popular ' Milagai Podi ' recipe from Tamilnadu.
Every family in South India has it's own version of this powder which is a great accompaniment to Idlis and Dosas. Idlis (Steamed  Rice Buns ) are marinated in a mixture of Sesame Oil and Milagai podi  for a few minutes or hours. Longer the marination, greater the taste.
It is a healthy,tasty breakfast and also the best snack to carry during your picnics or travel.


And a yummy Tiffin Box Recipe too! I feel extremely happy to share this exclusive family recipe with you all . I am more excited that it was made by my MIL , who is an expert in South Indian Cooking. She has five decades of cooking experience and her Idlis are just like soft ' sponge ' !!! I have earlier shared the recipe for those IDLIS.

We experienced 'bliss' while having these marinated Idlis, followed by a Strong filter Coffee.


You can  also check out another version of the Milagai Podi that I have shared earlier.

Milagai Podi | Idli Chutney Powder :

Preparation time :10 minutes
Cooking time :20 minutes
Yield :400 gms of Milagai Podi
1 Cup =200 ml
Shelf Life : 6 months 

Ingredients : 

1. Split Black Gram / Urad Dal - 1 cup
2.Split Bengal Gram / Channa Dal -1 cup
3.Sesame Seeds / Til - 1/4 cup
4.Mustard Seeds -2 teaspoons
5. Red Chillies ( Guntur Variety) - 25
6.Asafoetida - 1/2 teaspoon
7. Curry leaves - 3 sprigs ( washed and dried well)
8. Sesame Oil - 2 tablespoons
9. Salt  to taste


1. In a heavy bottom pan,  add two teaspoons of oil . When it heats up, add the asafoetida, mustard and the curry leaves. When the mustard crackles, remove from stove and transfer the mustard mixture to a large plate. Let the excess oil remain in the pan.

2. Now place the pan back on the stove and fry all the remaining ingredients seperately. Add little oil in the pan after roasting each ingredient.

3. Your ingredients will look like this . 

4. Once they are cool, grind them to a coarse powder in a mixer. Transfer it to a large bowl. Allow this to completely cool before you transfer them to a clean dry air tight container.


Do make Soft Idlis and enjoy it with this Milagai Podi.

Chef Tips :

1. Roast the ingredients seperately as the roasting time of each differs. This prevents the blackening of the dals. 
2. Make sure to keep stirring to get uniform browning.
3. Do not over roast. 
4. Use Sesame Oil only to get the authentic taste.
5. Use a clean ,dry jar so that you can enjoy this Podi for a longer time.
6. Mix one teaspoon of this Milagai Podi with half teaspoon of sesame oil and serve along with Idlis and dosas. 
7. For marination, you need to add little extra oil.
8. Add salt according to the heat of the Chillies.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Hi..if i add asafoetida cubes how ma y can i add..the cubes size are equal to size of gems chocolate.thanks for the recipe.

  2. One will be enough. You are welcome


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