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Mung Dhokla | Steamed Lentil Cakes | Gluten Free | Vegan | How to makeMung Dhokla | Stepwise Pictures


Hi Supermoms,

Yesterday ,I shared how I had sent 'WAFFLA SANDWICHES' to school . After packed her tiffin, I did not have the patience to make WAFFLA. So, used up the batter to make these beautiful looking ' MUNG DHOKLA'. 

I am an amateur photographer and you all know about that... But I quite liked these pictures !!!! Not bad for a blogger using a mobile phone for pics ,is'nt it! 

I guess I should stop  bragging and admiring these pictures .... Going straight to this easy peasy healthy recipe ( I know what you are thinking...but I need to write all this so that you will give it a try!!)




Mung Dhokla | Steamed Indian Lentil Cake :

Preparation time : 8 hours ( soaking time)
Cooking time : 15 minutes 
Serves - 3

1. Split Yellow Mung Dal - 1 cup( 250 ml)
2.Fruit Salt - 1 sanchet ( 1 tsp)
3.Salt to taste
4. Freshly Grated Coconut ( you can use freezed ones too) - 1 tbsp ( adjust to taste)
5. Deseeded finely chopped green chillies -3
6. Asafoetida -1/4 tsp
7. Clarified Butter / Oil - 1 tbsp
8. Sugar( optional) - 1 tbsp ( adjust)


1. Soak the mung dal overnight with water .


2. Add asafoetida, salt and remove excess water and grind it to a smooth paste. You can add sugar if you like your dhoklas a little sweet . 


3. Grease a cake pan or any vessel with oil/ Ghee.

4. Just before you pour the batter into the cake pan,add the fruitsalt and mix. You will see that the batter has well risen and has become fluffy and light.


4. Steam the Dhokla for 15 minutes in medium flame. Check by inserting a toothpick to see that it comes out clean. Switch off.

5.Let it cool for 10 minutes. Remove from the cake pan , garnish with coconut, finely chopped cilantro and using a knife cut them into cubes ( without fully cutting it ). 
6. Temper with oil, chopped green chillies and mustard. I did not have fresh cilantro so used some curry leaves to garnish.


Healthy, Glutenfree Steamed Mung Dhoklas are ready !!!! 

Chef Tips :

1. Adding Sugar is optional. You can also prepare a simple sugar syrup ( 1:1) and glaze the Dhoklas before you temper.
2. Adding fresh coconut adds to the taste.
3. You can have the Dhoklas hot or cold.
4. Cut before you glaze or temper so that the oil or sugar spreads uniformly.
5. You add any grated vegetable to make it more healthy.

I have earlier shared PALAK DHOKLAS with  Split Bengal Gram ( Channa Dal) and RICE DHOKLA recipes. They were equally delicious. 

Do try and share your experience with me.


With love,



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  1. This is super awesome. I love mung dhoklas. This us no fermenting??


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