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Ribbon Pakoda | How to make Ribbon Pakoda | Stepwise Pictures |Bakshanam Series


Hi Supermoms,

Next in my 'Bakshanam Series' comes the very popular Ribbon Pakoda. This is actually the easiest bakshanam or snack that you can prepare in a jiffy.

Just few ingredients, and you get crispy 'Ribbon Pakodas'.

Though many of you must have made this quite a number of times, I still wanted to share this recipe so that it might inspire who haven't yet tried this snack, to try!

Do not wait for any special occasion or festival, try them today to enjoy with your  evening tea .


Ribbon Pakoda :

Preparation time :5 minutes
Cooking time :20 minutes
Serves :6 to 8 people
Equipment required : snack press with flat nozzle.
Measurement : 1 Cup = 200 ml

Ingredients :

2 Cups Rice Flour
1 Cup Besan/ Bengal Gram Flour
1/2 Cup Sattu/ Pottukadalai Mavu/ Roasted Gram Flour
1 teaspoon Chilli Powder
1/4 teaspoon Asafoetida
1/4 Cup Ghee/ Clarified Butter or Unsalted Butter
Salt to taste
Water in room temperature (Adjust)
Oil for frying

Method :

1. In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix to get a crumbly texture.


2. Add water little by little to form a smooth dough. 


3. Grease the snack press. You can use a thinner nozzle.I had only this size that is smaller and thicker. The name of this snack is 'Ribbon' because of the shape of this pakora,that resembles a ribbon. Mine resembles the ' Satin ribbon' variety!!!!!!' .


4. Heat oil in a wok / kadai. When the oil becomes hot enough for frying,put  the dough inside the greased press and directly press over the hot oil.  Fry in low flame till golden .


5. When you stop hearing the sizzling sound, it means that your ribbon pakoda is ready. Remove and drain in a tissue paper.


6.Complete frying the entire batch. 


Once it cools completely, store it in a clean, dry airtight container. It keeps for upto 7 days .

We had these ribbon pakodas along with the other bakshanams that we made for Janmashtami.

Our Janmashtami Spread of Bakshanams

You can even send a few in your young one's snack box to school!!!!


Chef Tips :

1. Check the temperature of oil before you start frying. Drop a small piece, if it instantly sizzles and rises up,  then the temperature is right.
2. Use an Iron Kadai/ Wok for frying the bakshanams ( if you have one)
3. You can add cumin seeds, carom seeds or black pepper if you like in the dough.
4. You can adjust the spice in the dough.
5. Be very careful when you are working with hot oil. Wear cotton clothes and an apron.

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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