Monday, September 7, 2015

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Hi Supermoms,

I had a very hectic festival weekend. As a tradition we make so many snacks and sweets which we offer as prashad for our pooja. On the day of 'Krishna Janmashtami', my Mom in law and myself were fully immersed in the festivities like cooking for pooja, rangoli and flower decoration etc., that , we completely forgot about dinner.

I made  the quick ' Instant Poha Idlis' with a even quicker Coconut Chutney and felt accomplished !!!


But after the Janmashtami Celebrations, all of us hogged on the snacks that was offered as Prashad and were feeling too full ! 

So I had " Leftovers"!!!

I was so confident that there will be no takers for Idlis in the morning, even if I had marinated them ... So thought of the 'RFC' - 'Rice Fried Chunks'!!!!!


I served it along with lunch to munch !!! Was sold out!

The RFC / Rice Fried Chunks :

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 10 minutes
Serves :4

Ingredients : 

4 to 6 leftover  Cold Idlis 
250 ml Oil for frying

Method :

1. Take the left over Idlis from your refrigerator.


2. Cut them into wedges or small chunks.


3. Heat Oil in a small pan. Drop a small piece to check the temperature. If you find the Idli instantly sizzle, then it means that the oil is ready for frying. Drop the wedges and let it turn golden .


4. Drain them in a tissue paper and serve immediately with ketchup / Chilli Sauce / Mayo / Coconut Chutney or as a side to your lunch / dinner.


Since it so crisp, everyone at home thought that it was bread!!! 


Chef Tips :

1. Tastes best when served hot . Fry just before you serve.
2. You can do so much with the fries. You can add onions, tomatoes , chillies and toss them up in soy sauce . 
3. You can add a ' spice mix' and serve. 
4. You can add honey and chilli sauce.
5.You can bake the chunks instead of deep frying.

So many options to try! But I was too tired to do anything more to THE 'RFC' as it tastes so good just like that!!!

Happy Cooking!

With love,



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