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Tart Amrit | Special Festival Fusion Recipe |How to make Tart Amrit | Stepwise Pictures

Hi Supermoms,

Today I am sharing a very unique recipe that combines two of my favourite dishes - 'Tart 'and 'Panchamrit'.'Panchamrit' is a sweet dish that is made during special functions, festivals or pooja days at home and in the temple. The name 'Panchamit' means 'Five Nectars'. It has five healthy ingredients like Sugar,Milk,Ghee, Curd and Honey. Many a times fruits like banana, apple, pomegranate,coconut and dryfruits like cashewnuts, dates etc., is added to this dessert.   Sometimes, Jaggery is added instead of sugar.According to Ayurveda, this dish is extremely healthy for the body. I have fond memories of licking tasty panchamrit from my palms during various 'temple visits' in South India.

In the present world, it is easier to make children eat cakes, tarts,cookies etc. When I had over ripe bananas at home, I wanted to make a fusion dessert that even kids cannot refuse. As it is Navratra Season, Kuttu Flour/Buckwheat is available in plenty. I have combined the goodness of Panchamrit and Buckwheat flour through my original creation"Tart Amrit".

It was such a delicious 'offering' to God, as it was a pooja day at home  and the entire batch was sold out. I am extremely excited to share this recipe with you all!


Preparation time :10 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4
Vessel Required : Small Tart pans

Ingredients :

For the filling:

4 Over Ripe bananas(mashed)
1 tablespoon Honey
1 tablespoon Milk
1 tablespoon Chopped Coconut pieces ( fresh coconut)
1 tablespoon Ghee
1 teaspoon Brown Sugar ( adjust according to taste)

Chocolate sauce for garnish

For the tart :

1/2 cup Buckwheat Flour /Kuttu Atta
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
A pinch of rock salt
1 teaspoon Ghee
Water to knead ( adjust)


1. Mix all the ingredients that are given under 'filling'. Refrigerate till the tart is ready.

2. Mix sugar ,salt with the buckwheat flour. Add water little by little and make medium stiff dough.

3. Grease the tartpans with oil/ghee and take some portions of the dough to shape them like tarts. 

4. Using a fork make perforations on the tart.

5. In a preheated oven, bake the tart at 180 degrees C for 10 minutes or till the time the tart starts browning in the corners.

6. Allow it to cool and demould.

7. Fill the tarts with the banana filling, drizzle with chocolate syrup and serve .

Chef Tips :

1. Fill the tart just before serving.
2. You can add different fruits.
3. You add powdered jaggery instead of sugar in the filling.
4. You can add grated coconut instead of chopped, but since I like the crunch, I added chopped ones.
5. You can garnish with nuts and dry fruits.
6. You can also  drizzle with dates syrup.

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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