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Soaking Dry Fruits for Christmas Cake | How to soak Dry fruits for Christmas Cake | Christmas Special Recipe

Hi Supermoms,

Winters have set in and the Christmas tree at my place is all decked up. Baking is in full swing and soaking the dryfruits at this time of the year is a very special and yearly affair for me. 

Yes, we celebrate Christmas every year and it is doubly special for us as it is also my 'not so little one's' birthday. So there are two cakes baked for that special day. One is the ' Christmas Fruit cake ' and the other is the birthday girl's choice. 

I usually use   all the dry fruits that I received as Diwali  gifts  for soaking. This year, as I decided to share my recipe, I have measured the quantities and have also used glazed cherries for that extra fllavour and colour. 

There are many family recipes for soaking the dry fruits for Christmas. But the basic recipe is to cut different varieties of dry fruits and soak them in your choice of alcohol. I am specially sharing this recipe for all those lovely people who love the texture and flavour of the Christmas Cake that is available in all bakeries and would love to recreate that  taste in their own homes.

Preparation time : 45 minutes
Resting time: 1 month to 1 year 
Yield : 2 kg cake 
Special Equipment : Clean glass bowls, a clean and dry glass jar with lid ,shape knife .

Ingredients : 

Chop all the dry fruits

15 Apricots
50 Sultanas
50 black Current
25 Glazed Cherries
15 Figs
15 dry cranberries
15 cashewnuts
15 walnuts
15 almonds

100 ml Rum/Brandy ( add extra when the fruits dry up)


1. Chop all the dry fruits into smaller pieces. 
2. Transfer them into a dry and clean glass jar.
3. Pour the alcohol over the dry fruits. 
4. Close the lid and store the bottle in a cool dark place.
5. Shake the bottle every day so that the alcohol soaks even the fruits on top of the bottle. 
6. If the fruits absorb all the alcohol, add little more as per need.
7. You can add grated orange peels for the extra flavour.
8. You can use other dry fruits and nuts that are available in your country.

Notes :

1. The bowls, jar, knife that you are going to use should be dry and spotlessly clean.
2. Use glass bowls and jar only.
3. You need to shake/ stir the fruits every day.
4. Use an airtight jar only.
5. You can bake the cake 3 to 4 days ahead of Christmas.
6. Soaking the fruits even for one or two weeks gives a fantastic flavour to the cake.
7. You can soak the dry fruits in Orange juice if you do not use alcohol. Maltas are available at this time of the year and are great for soaking the fruits.
8. I soak the fruits in the last week of November. 

Ofcourse, all of us do not find the time to soak the dryfruits . Don't worry at all.  I make a  Rich Fruit Cake  that is delicious at the same time has 'No Alcohol and also almost 'no soaking' of dry fruits. Sharing that recipe very soon with you all. Stay tuned...

If you haven't yet soaked the dry fruits, 'Now' is the best time!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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