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Aloo Kundru/Tindora Stir Fry | Potato Ivy Gourd Stir Fry | Urulai-Kovakkai Poriyal | How to make Aloo Tindora Sabzi at Home | Stepwise Pictures | Vegan and GlutenFree Recipe | Side dish for Flat Breads and Rice

Aloo Kundru/Tindora Stir Fry | Potato Ivy Gourd Stir Fry | Urulai Kovakka Fry

Hi Supermoms,

Adding vegetables to our daily diet is a healthy habit. I am sure most of you must be including atleast three to four vegetable varieties in your everyday cooking. A great tasting vegetable dish can really make your lunch /dinner experience more enjoyable. Today, I am sharing such a vegetable recipe that is tasty as a side dish for Phulka or Chapathi . It also tastes great when mixed with steaming hot rice and ghee.

Ivy Gourd/Tindora/Kovakka/Dondakaya and Potato is tempered with Indian spices and stir fried in a wide pan or wok patiently over low flame till they shrink in size and become mildly crisp. If you haven't tried this combination , do give it a try and you are going to love it !

Aloo Tindora Stir Fry | Urulai Kovakkai Poriyal:

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time : 35-40 minutes
Serves : 4
Special Vessel : wide mouthed pan


2 large potatoes ( peel and slice them length wise)
15-20 tindora/dondakaya/ivy gourd/kovakkai ( wash well and slice then thinly lengthwise)
1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons sesame oil
1/2 teaspoon jeera/cumin seeds
2 teaspoons kashmiri chilli powder 
1 teaspoon dhaniya powder/coriander powder
1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 sprig curry leaves
salt to taste


1. Wash the tindora well, cut and steam them separately till they are fork tender, keep it aside.
Tip: Do not wash the tindora after cutting them as it will then become sticky.
2. Heat a wide pan with a tablespoon of oil and temper with jeera and curry leaves.
3. When the jeera starts to sizzle, add the chopped potatoes, salt, turmeric powder , chilli powder, dhaniya powder and stir to mix.
4. Cover the potatoes and allow it to cook over low flame. 
Tip: Keep stirring every 3 minutes. This step will take less than 7 minutes. No need to add water as the potatoes will become mushy. The water that gets collected on the lid will be enough for the potatoes to cook.
5. When the potatoes are fork tender, add the cooked tindora and mix well .
6. Adjust salt if required and add  2 teaspoons of oil and continue to fry over low flame.
7. You can partially cover the pan with a lid and keep stirring the vegetable every 3 minutes to avoid burning .

8. You will see that the vegetables have shrunk in size and have got nicely roasted. Switch off.

Your Aloo Tindora Sabzi is ready ! If you are looking for more side dishes, you can try Restaurant Style Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe.

Chef Tips :

1. You can also temper with 1/4 teaspoon of mustard seeds.
2. Using a wide mouthed pan gives enough space for the vegetables to fry better.
3. You can use the same recipe and method of cooking to make other vegetable stir fries.

Aloo Kundru/Tindora Stir Fry | Potato Ivy Gourd Stir Fry | Urulai Kovakka Fry

Happy Cooking!

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